8 Great Reasons To Get Up Early Every Morning

We know that some people just happen to be “early birds” and some people prefer to be “night owls,” but what if you could just decide that you were an early bird? What would happen if you got started getting up earlier on a regular basis? There’s a lot of benefits to waking up early, but to take advantage of them you have to, you know, wake up early. Check out the reasons below for some inspiration to set your alarm clock a little earlier.

You’ll be more productive

Waking up early means you’ll have extra time for various tasks, errands, and work. You can even take the time just to relax and do something that you’ve always wanted the “me time” to do! The best part, though, is that being awake earlier means that you won’t be bothered by anyone else who is sleeping in. Because you’ll have fewer distractions, you’ll be a lot productive.

You’ll be on time

More time to get ready and to prepare for the day means that you won’t be scrambling to get from meeting to meeting. Use part of that early rise to plan for the day ahead, whether it’s by making your lunch or filling the gas tank of your car.

Your commute will be faster

Driving during rush hour? The worst. Driving just before rush hour starts? Way better, and you’ll be able to actually enjoy your commute. Don’t forget to take a minute to download a new podcast or audiobook to listen to as you travel.

You’ll get your workout out of the way

How many times have you planned to workout after work, only to get distracted by work or happy hour drinks? Getting your workout out of the way right after you wake up will ensure that you don’t skip it, regardless of what happens throughout the rest of your day.

You’ll feel more motivated

Once that workout ends, you’ll be on an endorphin high.  Those endorphins will give you the motivation you need for the day ahead. You’ll also be less stressed and will feel like you have the energy to tackle those larger, more difficult projects first.

You’ll sleep better

Once you make a habit of going to bed early, your sleep pattern will become routine. Stabilizing your circadian rhythm will help you sleep deeper and more fully, meaning that you’ll feel more refreshed when you wake up in the morning.  Say goodbye to the bags under your eyes!

You can devote time to eating a full breakfast

You’ve heard it before; breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It’s time to start treating it like it is. Waking up early will give you more time to cook breakfast, or as an alternative, meet a friend at a local restaurant.  It feels like a luxury, but you’ll come to love having the freedom to do this.

You’ll get to see the sunrise

It’s always an amazing sight, and the even cooler part is that the rest of the world is still sleeping.


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