8 Foods That Help Reduce & Prevent Acne

As many of you know, acne does not discriminate. Everyone can get it -from teenagers to adults. The most annoying part is that there is no real cure. Of course, there are creams and prescriptions that can help reduce it, but there is no actual cure to stop or prevent it entirely. Which leaves many of us confused and frustrated when we break out -especially for adults. Adult acne has a host of causes ranging from hormones to lifestyle choices to oily skin. When we get past our teens years we expect those pimples to stop popping up, but some times it never stops.

However, there are many things you can do to prevent and reduce acne. First, you want to start on the inside -nutrition plays a big part in not just your acne, but your overall health. Eating the right foods can really help boost your skin health. Here are 8 foods you should add to your grocery list ASAP if you have acne:


We all know spinach is an incredible power food, but it also helps prevent acne. Spinach contains folate, which has been shown to help repair DNA and boost cell regeneration.


Tomatoes don’t just make your favorite spaghetti sauce, they also boast lycopene, a power antioxidant that helps protect skin against toxins and sun damage.


Almonds contain high levels of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that helps repair and protect skin cells. Vitamin E can also be applied topically to help reduce acne scarring, dryness, and irritation.


Flaxseeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3’s are known for their antioxidant power, which helps boost just about every function of your body, including your brain, joints, and skin cells.


Carrots are high in Vitamin A, a nutrient that helps with exfoliation and skin cell turnover. Basically they help your skin slough dead skin cells from the inside out. So feel free to juice and snack on plenty of carrots!

Green Tea

Green tea has been used for centuries for a multitude of preventative purposes. Its high anti-oxidant content makes it excellent for healing and staving off toxins. Not only does it boost your energy, but it also helps with inflammation throughout your body.


Fish, including mackerel, salmon, and sardines are loaded with both omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. These antioxidants helps reduce and inflammation and help protect your skin, joints, and brain from deterioration.

Dark Chocolate

Yes, chocolate can be good for you! Of course, we’re talking about the low-sugar dark chocolate with high cacao content. Dark chocolate contains flavanols, antioxidants that increases blood flow, reduces inflammation, and can actually help reduce the roughness of your skin.

For more more tips and information on treating and preventing adult acne, check out this handy infographic, courtesy of our friends from Northwest Pharmacy/Health Perch.

Demystifying Adult Acne Myths
“Demystifying Adult Acne Myths” on Health Perch

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