8 Awesome Reasons To Try Veganism

It’s not just a food trend – switching over to a vegan diet has a lot of benefits, some of which are more obvious than others. If you’re looking for some reasons to make the change, look no further than below. Yes, it’s a big switch, but with all of the resources available (and all of the benefits to a vegan lifestyle) you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t do it sooner. The best part is, if you don’t want to go full throttle, you can ease yourself into trying it a couple times a week. Either way you’ll be doing your body -and the environment a great service by eating a vegan diet. 

You can lose weight

Switching to a plant-based diet translates to weight loss for a majority of individuals. However, going vegan is not a short-term weight loss solution, so make sure not to treat it like one.

You can decrease your risk of certain diseases

Eliminating animal products from your diet has a lot of side effects. For example, decreasing consumption of processed meat reduces your risk of heart diseases. Vegan diets also lead to lower rates of obesity and can help treat Type 2 diabetes.

Get more of the important vitamins you need

It’s a common misconception that only certain foods can provide nutrients that our body needs. For example, cow’s milk has calcium – but so does kale. Seafood has omega-3 fatty acids vitamins, but so do flaxseed and seaweed.  

Clearer skin!

According to a different study, dairy products can cause acne for some people. By cutting animal-based dairy from your diet, you may find your skin clears up. 

Reduce factory farming

You’ll be helping the environment. The easiest way to fight climate change and animal product-based food factories? Eat vegan. Per the United Nations, moving our diets away from animal-based products can substantially reduce humanity’s impact on the environment. Your participation is a drop in the bucket, but it’s an important bucket nonetheless!

You’ll have more energy

Initially, your body will feel a rush of vitamins and other nutrients once you’ve dived headfirst into your plant-based diet. This will lead to feeling more energetic (without that daily latte), and though that burst of energy may be difficult to maintain, it’ll inspire you to keep going.

You can expand your food horizons

There are hundreds of different kinds of plants in the world, and several ways to cook and combine them into amazing dishes.  Going vegan will inspire you to try new cuisines or new combinations of your favorite foods that you never have before. Plus, there are several online resources for free vegan recipes to get you started.

Startups are making veganism really easy

It’s never been easier to find, buy, and eat vegan food. Impossible Foods has created a plant-based burger that’s nearly identical to its traditional beef counterpart. Purple Carrot is a vegan version of meal-delivery service Blue Apron. By CHLOE is a thriving fast casual chain that specialized in vegan sandwiches, salads, and even cupcakes! If you look hard enough, you’ll find a myriad of delicious vegan food options – and you won’t feel like you’re missing out.





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