8 Makeup Infographics That Will Change Your Beauty Game

There’s a reason it’s called makeup “artistry.” Not all of us are blessed with the gift of skilled makeup application. Makeup applied correctly can look amazing. Applied incorrectly…well..not so much. Like anything else, practice makes perfect. With a little advice, proper blending, and a few infographics, you can improve your makeup skills quicker than ever.


First things first. Prepping your skin is SO important for proper makeup application! Don’t forget to properly cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize before applying makeup. It can mean the difference between smooth, flawless makeup and uneven, patchy makeup.

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photo credit: Mario Badescu
photo credit: Mario Badescu


Proper foundation application is the single most important step to flattering makeup. Without a great base, everything else will look “off.” Take the time to learn proper foundation application and ALWAYS use a light hand! Foundation is all about enhancing not covering, so you never want to look like you’re wearing a mask.

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Never underestimate the power of the eyebrow! Eyebrows create a frame for your entire face. They may seem insignificant, but have you ever seen those photos of people with their eyebrows removed? It makes a HUGE difference. Here’s a great eyebrow guide that will take you from prep to shaping to setting.

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Blush should be applied according to your face shape. This quick, simple guide will let you know exactly where to apply it.

photo credit: gurl.com
photo credit: gurl.com


Eyeshadow is definitely one of the tougher makeup applications, but once you understand your eye shape, application will be much easier. This infographic tells you exactly what type of shading you should do depending on your eye shape and depth.

photo credit: dailymail.uk
photo credit: dailymail.uk


From enhancing and highlight your cupid’s bow to finding the perfect shade for your skintone -here’s a thorough guide to lipstick application!

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photo credit: bridalmusings.com
photo credit: bridalmusings.com


Contouring is something that should be done with a very light hand. It’s also best saved for special occasions or for a night out. Too much contouring during the day can look unnatural, so use this guide wisely.

photo credit: dailymail.uk
photo credit: dailymail.uk


Bonus: Makeup Expiration Guide

Many of us don’t realize it, but makeup goes bad! It’s important to know when to toss your expired makeup. Especially when it comes to eyeliners and mascara -two types of products that can lead to eye infections.

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photo credit: makeup.com
photo credit: makeup.com


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