8 Versatile Year-Around Wardrobe Pieces to Add to Your Closet

Adding and subtracting pieces from your wardrobe each season can get costly and space-cluttering. (We have  a storage unit full of seasonal wardrobe pieces to prove it!). That’s why it’s important to have pieces you can wear year around, despite the weather fluctuations. What about those trips where one destination is hot and the other destination is cold? (And we won’t even get into the freezing cold airplanes.) Packing for those trips is the worst. Especially if you don’t want to check your bags or lug around a giant suitcase. So here are some tips on pieces you should own to add more versatility to your wardrobe -especially if you travel a lot!

Crop Jackets/Blazers

Cropped jackets are the perfect way to add layer and dimension to any outfit -from summer to winter. They can be worn over pretty much anything -dresses, rompers, shorts, pants- we mean anything!

Peep Toe booties

Peep toe botties are great because you can rock them with a dress or pair them with pants in the winter. The bootie style makes them warm enough for winter, but the peep toe adds a summery element.

Floral Prints

We love floral prints because they can be worn year around! Even if the print has dark colors, the floral element keeps the look versatile.

Light Grey Skinny Jeans

Light grey jeans are great year around. You can dress them up or down. The light neutral color makes them less susceptible to soaking up heat from the sun and they’re easy to pair with summer tanks or winter sweaters.

Lightweight cardigans

Lightweight cardigans will help you get through any overly air-conditioned room (You know who you are corporate offices and banks!) and are also great for layering in the winter. Opt for thin, light pieces that won’t be a drag to carry around when you need them in the spring/summer.

Print Shorts in non-denim fabrics

We’re big fans of non-denim print shorts because they can be dressed up or down and worn year around when paired with leggings. This is one of the easiest, fun looks to achieve.


Long tunics are easy to wear in the summer with shorts (some are even long enough to wear as dresses, but heed with caution and make sure the length is sufficient enough to cover!) or pair with leggings in the winter.


Rompers are effortless and so easy to wear from day to night. Dress them down with sandals or wear them in the evening with a great pair of heels. Full length rompers are easy to wear year around and short rompers can be paired with tights in the colder months.

Tip: Opt for pieces that mix dark and light colors

As you can see many of the pieces we recommended above mix dark and light colors. If you buy more pieces that mix light and dark colors they will be more versatile year around. In other words, a white and mint dress is not going to be as versatile as mint and black dress.




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