Inside Our Box of Tricks: Universal Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know

When it comes to beauty, we have a few tricks up our sleeves. While beauty trends come and go, there are a few universally flattering tips that every woman should utilize. So here’s a look into our beauty bag of tricks. Enjoy!

Water line Eyeliner



One of the greatest eye-defining tricks is lining the inner rim of your eye. This is especially effective on the inner upper corner of the eye. Lining the inner rim looks more natural and gives your eye an instant pop. Try black for a dramatic effect, brown for a subtle look, and a nude color such as Rimmel’s Scandal Eyes in “nude” to make eyes appear bigger.

Less Really is More

When it comes to powders, foundations, and concealers, less is truly more. Even if you’re struggling with a breakout, do not pile foundation over your whole face. Use concealer to cover  blemishes and a light hand of foundation only in the places that need it. Dust a bit of light powder over the face to set. Not only does all over foundation make you look older,  it is also tough on your pores. Foundation is not meant to be  a mask. Let as much as your natural skin color show through.

Cupid Bow Contour


credit: Sifa’s Corner

One of the most aging lipstick mistakes is not contouring the cupid’s bow. If lipstick is applied straight across, it draws the mouth downward making your appear older. Even if you don’t have a defined cupid’s bow, create one by shaping the upper lip with lipliner.

Proper Undereye Concealer Application


Contrary to popular belief, you’re not supposed to apply concealer under your entire eye area -this often looks cakey and undoes the lightening effect. The idea is to apply concealer only on the darkest area at the inner corner only and blend downward.

Cat-Eyes Look Great on Everyone


There’s not a single person on the planet that cat eyeliner doesn’t look great on. Even if you have smaller eyes, it can help enhance your eye shape and make your eyes looks bigger. It may take a little practice to get right, but trust us, you’ll be pulling this look out often once you perfect it!

Bust Breakouts with Aspirin & Honey

Crushed up aspirin combined with water and honey applied as a mask is one of the best ways to bust a breakout and reduce redness. (Obviously make sure you’re not allergic to honey  or aspirin first. ) Crush up  6 aspirin in a half teaspoon of water until dissolved. Add a teaspoon of honey and mix until blended. Apply for 20 minutes. Rinse with a washcloth and warm water. You should see a reduction in redness and blemishes after the first use!

Lipstains Are Your Best Friend

lip stains set

Personally we think lipstains are underrated. We’re not huge fans of the gooey feeling of lipstick. We also prefer a more natural lip color -which is where lipstains come in! A good lipstain won’t just last all night -you’ll probably notice it’s still on the next morning! Lipstains also make your lips look full without looking made up. We love Benefit’s “Benetint,” Revlon’s “Just Bitten,” and Urban Decay’s “Lip Envy.”



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