7 Last Minute Ideas For Celebrating New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve is synonymous with glamorous parties that often involve heavy planning, crowded spaces, and an over-the-top ensemble. If that’s not your speed and are looking for a different way to celebrate, check out our fun, simple ideas below!

Midnight Breakfast

It’s never too late for brunch, so why not invite your squad to your favorite late-night diner for a midnight brunch? You’ll still get to ring in the new year with your favorite people, and you’ll have the mimosas to help say good bye to the year past.

Rock out to your favorite band

Dance through midnight listening to your favorite band – live! You’d be surprised at how many bands perform New Year’s Eve shows (and no, we’re not talking about the televised concerts you can watch at home). Browse StubHub or EventBrite to find your perfect show. Whether it’s a local venue or national concert hall, pick something you’d be excited to start the New Year with!

Travel last minute

You don’t need to fly across the country for a change of scenery. If you have the resolution to better keep in touch with friends, visit one who is a little out of the way for the holiday. Not only will your friend be touched that you’ve traveled to see her, but the fun you have together will help you follow through with your resolution.

“Year in Movies” Marathon

Are you a movie buff? If yes, say goodbye to the year by watching your favorite films from the past 12 months.  The Oscars will do the work of picking the year’s best films for you, so choose films that you have fun watching and that you’ll genuinely enjoy! Bonus points if you prep some festive snacks to share with your pals.

Write a letter to yourself

The pressure to go out on New Year’s Eve can be too much -especially if you’re in need of a relaxing night in. Light some candles and spend the time reflecting on the year you’ve had. Writing a letter to your future self (to be opened next New Year’s Eve, of course!) gives you a chance to congratulate yourself for surviving the year and to focus on your goals for the next.

Lounge on the beach

If you live in a warm-weather area, hold a campfire on the beach and toast up some s’mores.  Spending the night on the shore lets you look up at the stars, take a nighttime walk on the beach, and cuddle up with somebody under a blanket.  Whether you’re looking for a relaxing hangout or a romantic night with somebody special, becoming beach-bound is a great idea.

Have your friends come to you

Want to prove that you’re the hostess with the mostest? Turn your apartment into the place to be by hosting the perfect New Year’s Eve party.  Break out the party hats and champagne flutes, and countdown to midnight with your guests. When in doubt – creating a place for friends and family to gather is the perfect way to celebrate the New Year.



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