7 Highly Anticipated Books To Read in 2017

Make some room on your reading list! Now that the New Year has started, it’s time we figure out what soon-to-be-released books are worth keeping an eye out for this year. Here are just a few of the books we’re putting on our must-read list. 

Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body

Our favorite Bad Feminist Roxane Gay has two books out in 2017. While both sound amazing, it’s Hunger that really caught our eye. Gay turned some of her most popular Tumblr posts about her relationship with food into a series of essays examining how food affects every aspect of ourselves, from health to appearance to our psychology.  Gay’s writing never disappoints us, and we’re sure that Hunger is going to be another must-read piece of feminist literature.(June 13)


This debut novel from Buzzfeed writer Doree Shafrir promises to be a technological satire like no other. Shafrir tells the story of an ambitious entrepreneur, a struggling mother of two, and an eager journalist whose stories collide for all the wrong reasons. As a scandal envelops the office building they all share, what starts out as a funny story turns more empathetic. It explores modern workplace culture while highlighting the strengths of women who work – this is a must-read that you won’t be able to put down. (April 25)

Own It: The Power of Women at Work

Sallie Krawcheck used to be one of the most powerful women on Wall Street but once she started feeling an entrepreneurial itch, left her role at Bank of America to found Ellevest. Ellevest is the first digital investment platform geared towards women, and if there’s anyone we want to guide our money – it’s Krawcheck. In her upcoming book, Own It, Krawcheck inspires women to take charge of their careers through anecdotes from her professional life and from the global economy. (January 17)


No, you don’t have to relive your high school chemistry class. Chemistry focuses on an unnamed graduate student who has to balance her career aspirations with her romantic ones. Though her family may disapprove, our heroine uses her scientific deduction skills to look inside herself to figure out what it is that will truly make her happy. Author Weike Wang, who has a second career as an actual chemist, creates a delightfully insightful heroine whose struggles echo our own. (May 23)

Yoga Bodies

We’re always looking for a new book to put on our coffee table, even though we don’t always make our sunrise Vinyasa class. That’s why we love this photo collection of yogis of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages.  Aside from reminding us that any body can be a “yoga body,” the stories included in this book will make you laugh, cry, and realize how life-changing yoga can be. Jaimie Baird’s photography is breathtaking and is definitely worth purchasing.  (April 25)


You may recognize author Patrick Ness from his other novels (including Monsters of Men and the recently-adapted A Monster Calls) or from his new science-fiction series Class. In the autumn of 2017, however, you’ll know him for Release – a new young adult novel that focuses on the day in the life of Adam. Inspired by Judy Blume’s writing, Adam’s story and everything he faces in one monumental day will stick with you for years to come. (September 19)



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