7 Awesome Free Mobile Fitness Apps To Try

To effortlessly combine your love for everything fitness and technology, why not try adding some handy, downloadable apps to your everyday workout routine?

Totally free, and equally helpful, there’s an app out there for pretty much anything these days. Trust us, fellow yogis, there’s even one for you! Need to rev up your cardio playlist? How bout finally sticking to a healthy meal plan for a change? To get that health and fitness motivation you crave, trust these seven apps to aid you throughout all your endeavors.

 Fit Radio

Enhancing the radio experience, this free mobile app allows users to stream DJ engineered music of all genres, designed to amp your workout. Instead of fiddling around with other apps that have too many commercials or having to make your own playlist, try Fit Radio for a fast, convenient way of getting music that is specially designed to get you pumped to work out!



Helping you make better eating choices, this innovative, free app allows users to access virtually every recipe known to mankind. From delicious smoothie recipes to healthy full course dinners, Yummly makes eating healthy less complicated and more convenient.



Allowing you to properly manage all your fitness and health data, this helpful app uses maps, graphs, and more to track all your daily activities. FitnessSyncer helps you keep track of everything from your workout routines to how many steps you’ve taken in one day, so you know exactly how much physical activity you’re getting. Staying on top of your fitness has never been easier!


 fitbook+ lite app

 Available in both the Google Play and the Apple App store, this mobile app helps you set fitness goals and determines whether they are realistic and achievable. It works alongside the original fitbook, a 12-week fitness and nutrition journal; so you can expect to look your very best this summer season.


 Burn This

This unique app works like Pinterest to help you share and discover motivational quotes, progress photos, and more! Burn This combines a social media aspect with inspiration and fitness all in one handy app, so you can get pumped, motivated, and keep up with your besties.



Whether you’re into dance or yoga, this free app gives you 1,000 workout videos from 90 of the best fitness instructors. MoveMeFit makes it simple to stay fit on the go, so you can get a killer workout in the palm of your hand. Have a business trip or traveling for the weekend? No problem! MoveMeFit will keep you on top of your workout routine with ease. So, now you really have no excuse not to get exercise!



 This cool app is like Uber for personal trainers. With the click of a button, you can find a personal trainer nearby in minutes! So if you’re traveling or in a new city, you can easily find a personal trainer to keep you in shape. Whether you need a trainer for one session or multiple sessions, RenewU makes finding a personal trainer simple and convenient.




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  1. RenewU is awesome, ive used in LA before. Cant wait until it moves across the coast. i’ve followed the founder for years too shes a pro bodybuilding fitness model and, like, gorg.

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