6 Amazing Accessory Designers You Need to Know About

What is an outfit without great accessories? Accessories are the icing on your style cake. The cherry on top that makes an outfit go from cute to absolutely fab! It seems like every week there is a new crop of accessory designers and with so many to sift through, how do you know which ones are worthwhile? That’s where we come in! We’re always on the lookout for amazing brands.  We love to help you discover new and established designers that are deeply true to their design vision. Here are five accessory designers that you should put on your checklist!

Catherine Pepesco


Style: Classic Elegance

Paris designer Catherine Pepesco creates affordable luxury statement pieces for your most important events.  Style details are Tudor-worthy vintage and quality of the settings is impressively sturdy given the amazing prices.  There isn’t a piece one should NOT have in their collection.




Style: Edgy Prep

Fallon’s hardware and details may be considered rock ‘n roll, but the lines and stringent consistency are reminiscent of preppy qualities.  Wear these pieces to work and show them you don’t get pushed around and always get the job done! Or take them on a trip to meet the parents to say, “Don’t mind the spikes, I’m really a nice girl.” ;)




Style: Chic Street Savvy

This is literally STREET Jewelry and these pieces are rockstar worthy!  Each one-of-a-kind piece is made by hand and often on the spot for the customer.  You can catch him in NYC’s meatpacking district in front of the Apple store on 9th ave and 14th street if you’re lucky! And if you are- you better snag as many as possible because he’s not around all of the time and often hard to find.


Iwona Ludyga


Style: Bohemian Princess

Subtly the most delicate little treasures you will ever own.  These pieces are composed of strands of fine silk, tiny Swarovski crystals, colored beads and fine little clasps or ties intended to never be removed.  These are the perfect pieces if you’re looking for understated elegance!


Jennifer Fisher


Style: Rockstar

Aside from being a go-to designer for Hollywood stylists and their celeb clients, this collection is where other aspiring designers and ‘edgy boho’ chains heed their inspiration.  These pieces will always be an investment because their razor sharp design will never go out of style.


 La Mer


Style: Chic Watches

If you’re not a fan of the trendy oversized men’s-style watch, La Mer’s wraparound designs are for you! La Mer has established itself as a household name these days with pieces that are instantly recognizable. Every collection they offer includes vibrant colors,  metallic leather straps and multiple styles such as chains, charms and stud. And for those of you who prefer the over-sized look, they still offer an array of men’s style watches in multiple colors.


That’s it for now! We hope you love these designers as much as we do.



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Shirley Sanchez

Shirley has traveled across the nation representing contemporary fashion designers and selling to the best boutiques in the country for almost a decade. She is also the owner of TheWhiteTelephone.com, a curated accessories e-boutique. She holds a Masters in Internet Marketing. Lover of style, entertainment, comedy and all things digital. Huge Korean drama fan. Doesn't like pickles.

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