6 Vulnerable Areas On Your Body You Should NEVER Forget To Clean

We all know the obvious regions on our bodies that we must clean (uh-hm nether areas, armpits etc.) but there are a few places that are easy to forget about. These areas are often the worst culprits for bacteria and grime, so it’s important to never neglect them -no matter how secondary they may seem.


Ototek Loop Ear Wax Removal Kit, $12

Even if you’re a Qtip avoider, you should be washing your ears daily with a gentle soap. Use your finger or a washcloth to gently clean behind your ears and inside the ear canal and outer crevices. If you have excessive ear wax, you may want to consider an over-the-counter ear wax remover, ear-candling or visit a doctor for wax removal.

Belly Button

Belly buttons collect all kinds of stuff. Not only do they collect lint and hair but also dirt, grime, and water -which can turn quite smelly if not cleaned regularly. Use a Qtip (see, I love qtips) or washcloth and a gentle antibacterial soap to clean your belly button out at least twice a week.

Under Fingernails

There are few things grosser than dirty finger nail beds. Not only is it unhygienic but it looks unprofessional. Our hands attract all sorts of viruses and pathogens, so it’s important to keep your hands and nail beds trimmed and cleaned. Use a toothpick or cuticle pusher device to clean under your nail beds at least once a week.


Orabrush Tongue Cleaner with Tongue Foam, $9

Tongues are the primary culprit of bad breath. Bacteria builds up on the tongue daily, so it’s important to clean and scrape your tongue every time you brush to avoid plaque and bad breath.

In Between Teeth

We’re all guilty of skipping flossing, but trust us,  it IS as important as  your dentist insists. Yes, it can be messy and uncomfortable, but the alternative is bad breath, rotting food between the teeth, cavities, and gingivitis. In other words, flossing should never be option. No matter how tired you are.

Eyelashes/Around Eyes

Ocusoft Lid Scrub, $13

Avoid puffiness, redness, styes, pink eye, and other irritations by thoroughly cleansing your eyelids and eyelashes. If you’ve ever woken up with a red puffy eye, pink eye, or a stye, you can avoid it ever happening again by being diligent about cleansing your eyelashes and eye area. Use a “lid scrub” or gentle cleanser to remove dirt, debris, and makeup every night before bed.





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