6 Steps To Healing & Protecting Your Skin in the Winter

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We love winter for so many reasons; holidays with family, snow sports, hot chocolate by the fireplace, but one thing we don’t love is the havoc it wreaks on our skin. During the cold months many of us have drier skin than usual, so it’s important to take a few extra measures to avoid painful, inflamed skin. Whether you’re suffering from occasional flakiness or cracking and inflammation, here are 6 vital steps to fending off dry winter skin.

Don’t Over-Do It

Our skin is extra vulnerable in the winter time. Over-exfoliating, excessive scrubbing and even over-moisturizing can further aggravate your skin. Go easy on your complexion during the cold months. Use gentle products and avoid acid peels or heavy exfoliating treatments if you know you’re going to be out in the elements (i.e going skiing). Also, be careful about over-moisturizing -especially with oils. Many people don’t realize it, but oil breaks down oil, so using too many oil-based skin products can actually breakdown your natural oils and dry your skin out more. If you notice your skin is getting increasingly dry after using heavy oil-based products, reduce or discontinue using the product all together and see if your dry skin clears up. Sometimes less is more!

Use A Gentle, Soap-Free Cleanser

dove4During cold months, you may find your skin gets extra tight and dry after cleansing, so it’s advisable to switch to a more gentle cleanser. This applies to your body as well. Our year round favorite for cleansing is Dove White Beauty Bar because it’s not soap, and it won’t dry your skin. It’s super gentle and the #1 dermatologist recommended cleansing bar -which says a lot! It contains “DEFI” technology which is a unique blend of gentle cleansers and 1/4 moisturizing cream, so you get that clean feeling without tightness or drying. It’s also hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and you can use it everywhere. With continued use Dove White Beauty Bar maintains texture, even tone, brightness and clarity, all while keeping your skin soft and supple with natural lipids. We use Dove White Beauty Bar from head to toe and it’s even perfect for gently cleaning your makeup brushes! It really is a do-it-all cleanser, and for under $4 for a 2-pack, it’s inexpensive and effective.

Get A Humidifier

Heaters and furnaces tend to suck moisture from the air. You may also find you’re waking up in the morning with a dry mouth or scratchy throat. Adding a humidifier to your home  will help keep your entire body moisturized and aid in alleviating dryness from the inside out.

Cover Up

dove3Protecting yourself from the elements is crucial to preventing dry, chafed skin. When outside, always wear gloves and earmuffs and cover as much of your head, face, and neck as possible with a scarf or face mask.

Stay Hydrated

As always, be sure to drink plenty of water. We know it can be tempting to be on a steady hot drink diet of coffee and tea during the cold months, but drinking  pure water is crucial to keeping your skin and body hydrated. Dehydration=dry skin. It’s a no-brainer! A great way to get water intake during the cold months is hot water with lemon. This combo not only hydrates you but provides a multitude of benefits including detoxification by increasing bile flow, soothing an upset stomach, and aiding in digestion.

Moisturize Overnight

dove5Our skin repairs itself the most while we’re asleep. Take advantage of this down time to repair your skin with night time treatments. Sleeping masks, gloves, and socks are great for getting an extra dose of moisture while you sleep. Apply your favorite moisturizer to your hands and feet and cover with cotton gloves and socks. By morning, your feet and hands will be noticeably softer and smoother.

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