Easy Ways To Maximize A Small Closet

If you live in an urban area such as NYC (notoriously known for tiny closets) or you just happen to live in a compact space, dealing with a small closet can be extremely annoying. Disorganized clothing, missing shoes, mismatched and jumbled accessories are a direct result of simply not having enough space to keep things in order. We feel your pain. If  you’re tired of getting lost in your over-stuffed closet, here are a few tips for getting your wardrobe in order.

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Utilize Vertical & Wall Space

Sometimes we can forget that the walls within our closets and vertical area above the hanging bar can be utilized to maximize our space. Instead of just piling stuff up on the shelf above the hanging bar, use a shelving unit to double the vertical space. You can also use the side walls of  your closet to install a shelving unit for shoes, accessories, and folded clothing.


Use a Closet Doubling Rod

 A closet doubling rod will instantly give you twice as much space in your closet and is best for hanging shorter items like skirts, shorts, and blouses.

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Store Seasonal Items

There’s no need to have your summer items in the closet during the winter months and vice-versa. Store your seasonal clothing in a storage closet, under your bed or in any extra cabinet space you have in your kitchen or living area.

Don’t Forget About Door Space

If your closet has a traditional door, use that space to hang a shoe or accessory bag. The space behind your door should always be maximized!

Utilize Underbed Space

While storing items under your bed is not the most feng shui-forward option, it definitely helps when you’re in a crunch. As long as you keep everything organized and clean, you’re good to go.

Hanging Fabric Shelves

Free up your rod space by using fabric hanging shelves to store your knits and other foldable pieces vertically. These bags are best used for items that don’t wrinkle too much like sweaters, active wear, and jeans. They require no complicated installation and hang within seconds. They’re also great for accessories, socks, underwear, and bras.

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