6 Pre-Travel Tips For a Stress-Free Trip

Vacation implies that you’re not just leaving behind your house, you’re also leaving behind work, routine, and drama. Make sure you give yourself the time off that you deserve by completing these easy tasks before you jet away, so you can truly enjoy your trip without worry and stress!

Accept the fact you’re a tourist

If you’ve rolled your eyes at Times Square tourists and sworn you’ll never become one, take a deep breath.  Being a tourist is not only completely fine, it’s normal – and the sooner you accept it the more fun you can have while traveling. Many places offer exclusive coupons and deals for travelers, you just have to be confident enough to accept them (and the fact that you’re a tourist).  Ask the information desk at the local airport, your hotel concierge, and the local visitors’ center what they can offer you and you’ll be surprised at the results.

Do your research

You don’t have to have an hour-by-hour itinerary, but if you’re visiting a place you’ve never been to before take some time to research places and restaurants you may want to visit.  Compiling a list of things to do means that whenever you feel a little restless, you’ll have something to refer to.  Bonus points if your list includes the days and hours of operation (plus price points) of activities you’re interested in so you come across as super prepared.

Double check reservations

One of the easiest ways to stress out while traveling?  Having a reservation fall through last-minute!  A week before you depart, call any company you’ve made a reservation with and confirm details.  Use this to double check dates and especially pricing.  You want to give yourself ample opportunity to know about any altered plans. Calling to confirm will give you peace of mind, and if it does seem as if there was a miscommunication you’ll feel a lot better having fixed it before it became a problem.

Talk to your boss

Before you leave for vacation, sit down with your boss to discuss what kind of communication (if any) he/she expects from you while you’re out of the office. If it’s none, that’s great! But if your boss expects you to be available sporadically, take note of places that offer free wi-fi and quiet places for you to chat on the phone.  You can also use this time to learn what your boss needs from you before you leave, things you can delegate while you’re out, and what you should plan to catch up on when you’re back.

Document how you eat

Are you travelling with a friend who snacks throughout the day while you normally eat three standard meals? Talk with your travel companions and take note of how you eat throughout the day.  Work together to plan when you’ll want meals during your trip – agreeing on a basic plan and to be flexible to each other’s needs will prevent any hangry bickering before it starts. Nobody wants to return home feeling starved or stuffed.

Clean up after yourself

Nobody wants to come back home to a pile of dirty laundry and other standard housework.  Put in homemaker overtime by cleaning everything, from the dirty dishes to the bathroom tiles.  This way, your arrival back home won’t feel like you’re starting a brand new to-do list. You’ll be able to relish your vacation memories while you unpack and settle in at your leisure.



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