6 On-Trend Haircuts To Try If You’re Bored With Your Hair

Feeling bored with your hair? Yes, we feel your pain. It seems every other day we just want to chop it all off. Especially during the hot summer months! If you’re looking to make an on-trend change to your hair, check out these 6 fashion forward cuts that will give your look an instant, modern update.

The Modern Bob

If you have straight hair, try a modern angled bob with bangs. If you want to go even more edgy, try a pop of color underneath.


The Jagged Bob

This bob is a little more rock ‘n roll with choppy layers from top to bottom. Great for straight haired or wavy haired gals who want something fun and stylish.

jaggedbobThe Shaved Side

You may recognize this trendy cut from Scarlett Johannson and Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormier. This is definitely one of the most edgy, fashion forward cuts, but it looks cool on all hair types and will actually make your hair more low maintenance.

shavedThe Blunt Cut

For those of you who want to get a trendier look without losing length or volume, try a more blunt cut with bangs. This look is both fashionable and less risky.

hairstyles-trends-2015-3The Ruby Rose

The gorgeous Ruby Rose has been especially popular since her Orange Is The New Black debut. If you want to go short, this edgy runway-ready cut seems to be all the rage lately.


Long Tapered Layers

For those who want to keep their length but add a little pizzazz, a long layered cut with tapered angles is perfect. It will give you style and is manageable for most hair types.



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