6 Inspiring (Or Just Hilarious) Memoirs Everyone Should Read

It’s safe to say that many of us can be quite skeptical of the celebrity industrial complex. It can often be hard to tell who is being paid to be inspirational from who genuinely has the power to inspire. We chose these memoirs because of their ability to motivate or generate laughter sincerely. Prepare to quotes from these celebrities to your inspiration board!

Bossypants – Tina Fey

Fey is one of the world’s leading funny ladies, so it’s hard to imagine her as a 20-something trying to turn her passions into a reality.  Not only is her novel funny and relatable, but the stories from her childhood and early career days are encouraging for all millennial women who have ever felt that they struggled to fit in or figure out where exactly their life path was leading.

Yes Please – Amy Poehler

Like Fey’s book, Poehler has a certain way of telling her life’s story and career journeys that makes  you feel like laughing but also as though your cool aunt is giving you life advice over cocktails. What is different about this book is that Poehler expertly weaves in more controversial issues in her life, like negative criticism and learning when to apologize, with the right amount of humor and thoughtfulness that it comes across as collection of valuable lessons learned for both the author and the reader.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? –Mindy Kaling

Out of every memoir released by a leading female comedienne, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me is without a doubt the most relatable. The book is certainly laugh-out-loud funny, but Kaling’s raw honesty about struggling to fit in, love her body, and climb her way to the top can give the reader a feeling of what can only be described as  hilarious de ja vu. Even if you aren’t in a place yet where you are out on your own building your career and personal life, there are great takeaways in this book that can apply to every aspect of your life.

Why Not Me? – Mindy Kaling

If you fell in love with Kaling because of her first book, her second one will feel like receiving a hilarious pen pal letter from your famous best friend. A little older and a little wiser, Kaling gets even more real in her newest book about being a body icon, making friends as an adult, and the rocky roads of love. It’s everything you loved about the first book, just with more adventures to inspire you and teach you life lessons.

The Woman I Wanted to Be – Diane Von Furstenberg

This novel is as inspirational as it is glamorous, and it is pretty glamorous.  You are essentially walking through Furstenberg’s entire life, with the famous designer as your tour guide. Her ups and downs in her relationships, family life, and extensive fashion career will make you want to call your grandmother and ask her to tell you her whole life story. Her descriptions of key moments in her life will leave you breathless, especially if you listen via audiobook. Of course, she also dishes out great fashion advice, so that you will be a confident, sexy, attractive woman inside and out.

Uganda Be Kidding Me – Chelsea Handler

This book is not at all inspiring, and may not even technically be considered a memoir, but it is hilarious and should be in the hands of anyone who wants to laugh hysterically. If you’re going through some hard times and need a good distraction, or just need a light read, you will enjoy following Handler around Africa and on other glamorous vacations while she does some not-so-glamorous things. Memoir or not, this book is highly recommend for those who enjoy Handler’s unique sense of humor.



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