6 Easy Hair Styling Tricks For Women With Curly Hair

Anyone with curly hair knows that it is both a blessing and a curse. Every magazine how-to and YouTube tutorial video focuses on how to style and treat straight hair, leaving the rest of use curly gals in a style funk.  So, it’s no wonder that some women can go decades without knowing how to manage their curly locks. Here are some simple ways to keep your coiled locks full, bouncy, and looking fresh!

Frizz is a Battle You Fight All Year Round

Curly hair can get frizzy in just about any kind of weather. The kind of product that will help you to tame a case of the frizz depends on your preference and needs. Hair oils and gels are perfect for adding some extra shine, but can be too heavy on thinner hair. For hair that can’t handle too much product, a mousse or curl cream will help keep curls defined and frizz-free.

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Your Hands Are You Most Important Style Tool

One of the best things about having naturally curly hair is that once you style it, there is very little maintenance required through out the day. Whether you are teasing your roots through out the day or scrunching your hair after applying moose, your hands can help keep curls shapely and volumized.

There is No Need to Wash Your Hair Every Day

Your curls can last a day or two without washing. The trick to limiting your get-ready time is using curly hair specified shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks. They will give your hair all of the moisture and nutrients needed to power your curls through a few shower-free days.

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Even Naturally Curly Hair Gets Deflated

Whether you are in-between showers or like starting your morning routine the night before, natural curls can suffer from loss of volume. Root sprays, dry shampoos, and textured hairsprays can help revitalize your tired strands. After spraying your chosen product, scrunch your curls up with your hands and tease around your roots to instantly refresh your look.

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Know How to Use a Blow-Dryer

The diffuser attachment on your blow dryer should be your best friend. Instead of taking your curls and deforming them, as regular blow dryers can, the diffuser can help to create soft, perfect ringlets. To use a diffuser correctly, flip your head upside down and pile a small portion of hair onto the diffuser. Then lightly press the diffuser full of hair into your scalp for about ten seconds before releasing. Continue this until your hair is fully dry, and you will see a difference in the shape of your curls. Using a high-quality blow dryer is also important. Salon quality blow dryers often provide ionic protection as well as higher heat settings that reduce frizz and dry time.

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Blast Some Heavy Metal So You Can Head Bang

Okay, so maybe the heavy metal isn’t required, but throwing your head back and forth is a great way to add volume after blow-drying. Make sure that you are not standing near anything you could hit your head into, and that you aren’t throwing your head back too hard to avoid injury. Need some song recommendations to give you a steady beat? Try Love Me Harder by Ariana Grande and or Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson.



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