6 DIY Ways To Revive & Renew Your Old Clothing

If you’re like most of us, you get bored with the same pieces after a while. It’s the reason that the #1 thing women spend money on is clothing. We’re always looking to update our look and keep up with the latest trends, but season after season that can get costly, albeit wasteful. The reality is that it’s easy to revive and renew old wardrobe pieces, it just takes a few tricks. With some minor skills, imagination, and a few searches on Pinterest, you can revamp your old clothing and make it new and exciting again!

Layer Up

Old pieces can be renewed by layering them. For dresses, throw a turtle neck underneath or a cute embellished sweater over the top -and voila! You’ve turned that old dress into a new outfit. For shorts, you can take them from summer to fall/winter by wearing a pair of leggings under them. Always think of how you can layer pieces to make them stylish and fun again.

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Cut It Off

We all know denim cutoffs are a staple  in just about every girl’s wardrobe, but don’t forget that you can also chop and hem other garments. You can turn maxi dresses into short dresses, old tshirts in to crop tops, and button down dress shirts into sleeveless summer blouses. If you’re handy with scissors, thread, and a needle,  you got this! If not, you can always have a tailor cut and hem your clothing for about $25 or less.


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Add Embellishments

The addition of embellishments can renew any old piece. Add bows, buttons, glitter, fringe, rhinestones -the options are endless. You can even transform an old pair of shoes with some glitter or bows.  We love this bow high heel tutorial!

All you need is a needle, some glue, thread, embellishments, and a bit of imagination to bring your old pieces back from the dead.


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Dye It

Dying an old garment is a great way to create a fresh piece. This is especially effective for stained pieces that you love but have given up on. DIY dying is pretty easy. Go to your local craft store, buy the dye (usually around $5) and carefully follow the instructions on the back of the bottle. This is a great way to save old and/or stained clothing! Here’s a great tutorial on Pinterest.


Belt It

A properly placed waist belt can do wonders for styling and renewing an old piece. You can turn loose dresses and tunics into shapely pieces and you can even place a belt around an old blazer or cardigan. Belting is a  fast, simple way to transform a top, dress, sweater, or cardigan.


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Add A Statement Necklace

Adding a statement is an old reliable trick. You can turn any tired, boring piece into something fun and stylish by adding an on-trend statement necklace. This is probably the easiest, quickest fix in the book!




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