6 Healthier Swaps For Thanksgiving Foods

It’s always a struggle to find a new way to stay healthy during the holiday seasons but what better way to hack Thanksgiving than by hacking the food itself? In order to stay healthy this holiday, don’t be afraid to switch out classic Thanksgiving foods for healthier options.  They’ll be just as good and, if you cook it correctly, you might not even taste the difference!  Here some foods to try this November:

Instead of White Potatoes try Sweet Potatoes

Comfort food doesn’t always mean carbs, but when it does – you want to make sure you’re actually getting the nutrients your body needs.  Instead of opting for dishes made with white potatoes, cook with sweet potatoes instead.  They’re just as versatile, so whether you prefer your potatoes mashed or scalloped your food can match your preference. And, if the sweet potatoes aren’t sweet enough for your sweet tooth, a little brown sugar will do the trick!

Instead of Spiked Egg Nog try Wine Spritzers

The easiest way to cut back on calories during the holidays is by cutting back on your alcohol intake.  Instead of heavy holiday spirits, pick up your favorite bottle of wine and a bottle of club soda.  Club soda is carbonated but has no calories, and you can easily mix it with wine for a DIY wine spritzer.  You’ll drink half the wine you would otherwise.

Instead of Vegetable Casserole try Steamed Vegetables

If you’re trying to eat more healthy foods, you’re used to trying to fill up your plate with vegetables by now.  The problem with casseroles, however, is that all of the great vegetables you’re getting come with a lot of starch, dairy, and other ingredients that aren’t great for you.  Keep it simple by steaming corn, green beans, carrots, and other vegetables for a simple yet delicious side dish.

Instead of Canned Cranberry Sauce try Cranberries

Sounds simple enough, right? Canned cranberry sauce has a lot of added sugar and a single serving has triple the amount of calories plain cranberries have.  If you love the flavor of cranberries, fresh cranberries are a great garnish to traditional Thanksgiving food. If you add canned cranberry sauce because it’s sweet, look for a sugary flavor in sweet potatoes or desserts instead.

Instead of Gravy try Homemade Sauces

Spice up your Thanksgiving dinner with a new topping for your turkey. Traditional gravy is salty and fatty (quick reminder that it’s literally made with turkey fat!), but other sauces like pesto and vegetable purees are much healthier and just as delicious!  Who knows? You might just find a new favorite Thanksgiving dish.

Instead of Apple Pie try Pumpkin Pie

You could definitely skip pie altogether, but in case you’re like me and crave pie during every Thanksgiving feast – switch out pumpkin pie for apple pie and ideally, eat homemade pies only. Pumpkin has less “extras” than apple pie, meaning that there’s less sugar and more proteins. Even though bakers will add sugar and a crust to their pie when baking, you’ll still get the vitamins and other nutrients from the pumpkin fruit with a slice.  Plus, pumpkin pie has fewer calories than apple pie! Score one for us.



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