50 Simple, Everyday Ways You Can Help The Planet

The thought of “going green” often instills the notion that we have to make big sacrifices in our lives. However, this is simply not true! Small, thoughtful everyday actions can help contribute to preserving our planet in a big way. If everyone makes an effort to practice these small duties, we can collectively help reduce our carbon footprint and prevent the destruction of our planet’s fragile eco-systems.

Simple concepts like recycling, switching to paperless billing, reducing meat consumption, and avoiding bottled water really does make a huge difference. Luckily, the no-frills website 50WaysToHelp.com has taken the guess-work out of what simple actions you can take to do your part. From recycling your metal dry cleaner hangers to turning off the water while you brush your teeth, 50waysToHelp offers a multitude of easy ways to make a difference.

For all 50 ideas, go to http://www.50waystohelp.com/.

Thanks for doing your part. You’re awesome!





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