5 Travel Podcasts That Will Help Satisfy Your Wanderlust

There is no feeling in the world that compares to the excitement of setting off on an adventure, but with only a few weeks worth of vacation days a year, most of us end up sitting at our desks and dreaming about upcoming trips.

These travel podcasts are just what the doctor ordered for anyone with a serious case of wanderlust, because you can let your mind travel without ever leaving your office. We highly recommend binge listening to these expert podcasts the next time you start day dreaming about your next adventure.

Condé Nast Traveler Travelouge

All of the travel advice, expert recommendations, and glamour that you love getting from the pages of Condé Nast Traveler come alive in their podcast, Travelouge. The editors of the magazine sit down once a week to discuss the ins and outs of traveling abroad, as well as national hot spots. Listening to Travelouge feels like going out for drinks with friends, discussing travel stories, and dreaming up future international vacations.

Travel with Rick Steves

Admit it, you are secretly a huge fan of Rick Steves’ Europe. Fans of Steves’ popular travel series will love Travel with Rick Steves, a radio show dedicated to travel news, expert travel tips, and exploring the little quirks, attractions, and celebrations that make every country worth visiting. It’s essentially all of the history lessons and inside tips that you loved from Rick Steves’ Europe, applied to the rest of the world.

Indie Travel Podcast

Hosted by Craig and Linda, expert travelers who have been living all over the globe and exploring the world since 2006, Indie Travel Podcast is like an unofficial guide book for every country you have been dreaming of visiting and some that you never knew you wanted to go to. They cover the things your ordinary guide book would never cover, like how to finance your travels or keep your valuables safe while on the road. You’ll feel like you are traveling along side them, and you can expect honest opinions about living abroad, local attractions and culture, and to add places you’ve never heard of before to your travel bucket list.

Zero to Travel Podcast

Every question you’ve ever had about traveling will be answered by the Zero to Travel podcast. Anything from what the heck travel insurance is to how to become a full time traveler is covered by this podcast, and Jason from Z2T is a lot of fun to listen to. Novice travelers and travel enthusiasts alike will love tuning in, and it is a great resource for anyone thinking about dedicating their life to travel. This is the travel podcast for someone looking to take their travel game to the next level.

Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel

The most annoying thing about traveling? It is so expensive! That’s where Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel comes in, the travel podcast that is fun, informative, and dedicated to saving you money while you travel so that you can spend more time focused on the fun stuff. Host, Travis, has been traveling the world with his wife for years, and is more than happy to share the travel finance tips he has learned along the way with his listeners. In addition to valuable money talks, he talks about his recent trips, travel guides, packing tips, and everything else you could ever possibly need to know.



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