5 Tips For Accomplishing Your New Year Resolutions

This year has been a lot of things – and fortunately, we can now add “almost over!” to this list.  If 2016 wasn’t the best year for you and you’re looking to make a change in 2017, we have a few suggestions to making next year your best one yet.

Pick a theme

Sometimes, we have one really big goal we want to accomplish and it extends into each part of our lives. Whether it’s wanting to be more confident or wanting to get your hustle on, focusing on one big theme and bringing it into each part of your life can make a huge difference. Pick a theme for next year that is relevant to many parts of your life and run with it.  

As an example, last year – this writer picked “adventure” as a theme since I wanted to explore more parts of my neighborhood and open myself up to new experiences.  Not only did I make a ton of new friends, but I saw several different cities, tried new cuisines, and more – all in the name of adventure!  Other themes that can help shape next year into your dream year? We love “hustle,” “balance,” and “laughter!”

Detach from technology

At a time when it seems like there are more and more reasons to plug in, it’s important to remember that stepping away from technology – even if only for a little while – can do you some good. Whether you choose to watch less TV or to leave your phone at home for a day, there are plenty of benefits to making the effort to unplug.

Studies have shown that distance from technology leads to a decrease in FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and other negative emotions.  Plus, taking the time away from your phone gives you time to acknowledge the moment you’re in through mindfulness and making meaningful connections.  You don’t have to change all of your habits at once, but start small and see the difference that it makes. Your life could look totally different by the end of December!

Add non-work related goals

What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to learn or partake in but never had the time for? Make the time for it this year.  Whether it’s watching YouTube tutorials on how to do that perfect mermaid braid or signing up for that Korean BBQ cooking class, give yourself the chance to focus on what you’re passionate about that isn’t work-related.

There are plenty of resources you can use to explore an interest or new hobby for free, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank once the New Year starts.  Classes and workshops are offered at local libraries across the country, and online lessons are available through Khan Academy and TakeLessons.

Create a Solid Action Plan

Like any other time of the year, creating a solid action plan will be vital to actually achieving the goals you set for yourself in 2017. Without a plan, it’s hard to take action. Create a list of action steps to take toward accomplishing your goals, starting with daily tasks, followed by weekly and monthly plans. For example, if your goal is to learn a new language, your daily task could be to add 1 hour per day to your calendar to focus on language lessons, with the weekly goal of learning 10 new phrases each week. By being specific with your targets you will be more likely to achieve the goals you set.

Treat ‘yoself!

Because after 2016, you definitely deserve it! No matter if it’s a delicious lunch at a new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, a new dress, or a day at the spa – do something nice for yourself. The more self-care and wellness you practice, the more prepared you will be to go after your goals. 



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Alexandra Wilson

Alex Wilson is a freelance writer interested in fashion, lifestyle, and all forms of pop culture. Her writing has been featured in various digital and print publications, including USA Today and Long Island Pulse. When not writing, Alex can be found testing new recipes, exploring new neighborhoods, and window shopping. She hopes to someday travel to all seven continents (yes, even Antarctica).

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