5 Tips For A Healthy Glowing Complexion This Winter

Winter is officially here and while we’re looking forward to the holidays and feasts, dry, dull skin is not on the menu. If you’re like us you may notice your skin gets ashy and less vibrant in the winter. The lack of sunshine and propensity to stay indoors doesn’t help. But there are a few things you can do to keep your skin from getting lackluster this winter.  Here are our tips for getting glowing skin all winter long. 

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Don’t Overdo It

Our skin is extra vulnerable in the winter time. Excessive scrubbing and even over-moisturizing can further aggravate your skin. Go easy on your complexion during the cold months. Use gentle products and avoid acid peels or heavy exfoliating treatments if you know you’re going to be out in the elements (i.e going skiing). Also, be careful about over-moisturizing -especially with oils. Many people don’t realize it, but oil breaks down oil, so using too many oil-based skin products can actually breakdown your natural oils and dry your skin out more. If you notice your skin is getting increasingly dry after using heavy oil-based products, reduce or discontinue using the product all together and see if your dry skin clears up. Sometimes less is more!

Add An Anti-Aging Serum

Sure, you already cleanse and moisturize, but adding an anti-aging serum as a third step can really make a difference! Our most recent favorite is Neostrata SKIN ACTIVE Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum. This serum works wonders at improving the look of your complexion, especially during the winter when your skin needs extra TLC. The key ingredient is their proprietary ingredient Aminofil®, which helps fill in lines and wrinkles while volumizing and plumping the skin. It also contains Gluconolactone, which exfoliates and improves tone for clearer, brighter skin. formulated to enhance exfoliation and even pigment for enhanced clarity. All it takes is 3-5 drops per night and voila! You’re on your way to gorgeous skin all winter long. You can purchase Neostrata SKIN ACTIVE Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum here.

Change Your Makeup Routine

During winter, avoid heavy, mattifying foundations/powders and add in some shimmer to your beauty routine. Instead of doing a full face of makeup, just dab concealer on blemishes and add a few drops of bronzer or highlighter to your moisturizer or foundation. By keeping your skin dewy and natural, you’ll avoid looking ashy or dry during the winter.

Try A Humidifier

Heaters and furnaces tend to suck moisture from the air. You may also find you’re waking up in the morning with a dry mouth or scratchy throat. Adding a humidifier to your home  will help keep your entire body moisturized and aid in alleviating dryness from the inside out.

Exfoliation (in Moderation) Is Your Best Friend

Sloughing off dead skin on both your face and body 1 to 2 times per week will do wonders for your skin. Just be sure not to overdo it. We recommend using a brush for your body and a peel or microdermabrasion scrub for your face.

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