5 Steps To Waking Up Early & Becoming a Morning Person

We’ll admit, being bright eyed and bushy tailed at 8 a.m. is not simple. Sure, you have your morning playlist, and yeah, that morning java really does wonders, but sometimes it takes work to be a morning person. Trust us, we’d know better than anyone.

Getting going at the crack of dawn may seem impossible, but tweaking your daily habits can make all the difference. To get past the sluggishness and the crabbiness associated with early mornings, here’s how to become an early riser in five simple (albeit disciplined) steps.

Practice Good Alarm Habits

At times we tend to have a love-hate relationship with our trusty alarm. Yes, it can keep us on schedule, but then again, we tend to hit snooze button more often than we should. To create better alarm habits, it’s always best to adjust your wake up call earlier than usual.

“Set your alarm for just five minutes early. If that’s too much, two minutes,” says Kimberly Petrosino, author of The Small Change Resolution. “Over time the minutes will add up, and the small increments will make it easier to adjust.”

And, about that snooze button -stop hitting it! Hitting the snooze button actually makes you more tired. Instead, set your alarm to wake you up when you actually have to get up. In that case, you’re forced to get up and snoozing is not an option. You’re better off getting that extra 20 minutes of solid sleep than hitting the snooze button every 5 minutes for 20 minutes of interrupted, worthless sleep.

Get Outside & Get Moving

Now that warmer weather has finally arrived, why not let some fresh spring air jumpstart your morning? To get the blood flow going before your workday, try going for a brisk walk before you head over to the office.

“Step outside with your morning coffee,” says holistic health coach Kimberly Petrosino. “The fresh air will wake you up and leave you feeling wonderful.”

Also, doing a couple dozen jumping jacks or push ups will immediately help get your blood oxygenated and wake your brain up. If you’re super motivated, start working out in the morning. It’s easier said than done, but if you can get into a morning workout routine, you’re golden!

Customize Your Routine

Let’s face it, not everyone can embark on that mile jog before work. However, that shouldn’t stop you from getting that morning boost you deserve. Finding an easy and enjoyable task can be just as effective in the morning. Plus, it gives your day an instant burst of productivity.

“Customize your routine to suit your lifestyle,” suggests Kimberly Petrosino. “Morning workouts are great, but they’re not for everyone. If you enjoy reading the paper in the morning, then wake up to do that. You’ll love how productive you feel when you get a lot done before you even leave for the office!”

Revamp Your Bedroom

Our sleeping habits definitely affect our morning habits, so if you are ready to get the shuteye you deserve, revamping your sleeping space is always a great place to start.

“Get better sleeping habits easily by investing in comfortable sheets and bedding,” explains sleep environment expert Jennifer Adams. “To avoid stress, try banishing exercise equipment, including yoga mats, from the bedroom. Be sure to also minimize any additional clutter such laundry, magazines and furniture.”

To keep up those good sleeping habits, it’s always best to give yourself a break from all that distracting tech lying around your place. Yes, we know it’s hard to part from social media, but your body will surely thank you for it in the long run.

“Set your phone or alarm in the bathroom away from where you sleep, but close enough for you to hear it to get up in the morning,” suggests Jennifer Adams. “The blue lights on your smartphone, computer screen, iPad, smart phones and TVs contribute to less sleep as the light interferes with the melatonin that helps one drift off to sleep.”

Proper Nutrition

We all know what we eat affects the way we feel. Inadequate nutrition leads to low energy and low mood. Morning crankiness is often due to low blood sugar, so eating upon waking is super important for boosting your mood. Always start your mornings with plenty of water and at least a small breakfast -preferably something with protein like yogurt or eggs. Proper hydration and nutrition will boost your energy and oxygenate your body. We know how unappetizing it can be to eat in the morning, but we promise, you’ll feel so much better!



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