5 Simple Tips For Relaxing & Unplugging

Between work, relationships, family, and socializing, life can get overwhelming. We understand your to-do list is endless, but sometimes it’s best to just shut down your phone, turn off your TV, slow down, and unplug.

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And you don’t need to go on an expensive vacation, attend a special yoga class, or even plan anything at all. In this case, less is more and these tips require little resources or exertion. It’s simply a matter of making a decision in the moment to stop and take a deep breath. Here are a few easy-to-implement tips for resetting, relaxing and awarding yourself with ‘me time.’

Turn Everything Off

First things first: phones, TV’s, tablets, laptops -everything needs to be shut off. This means no checking your social media feeds, no texting your friends, no scrolling through vacation pictures. Put the phone down and take a break. We are certainly addicted to our phones, and many of us check our phones dozens -if not hundreds- of times a day. So, let the people in your life know you’ll be unavailable for a few hours and take this time to completely unplug from your technological world.

Get Outside

Now that your technology is turned off, embark on an adventure. This can be hiking your local mountain or simply going for a walk in the park. Whatever it is, make it outdoors and make it green. By reconnecting with nature, you help clear your mind and shut down the noise. Pack a backpack with essentials like a picnic blanket, reading materials, sunscreen, water, and snacks and head out for the day.

Unwind with Light Reading

Once you’ve reached your outdoor destination, lay out your picnic blanket, slap on some sunscreen and pull out your reading materials of choice. This can be your favorite book or magazine. Reading helps you focus on other things outside of your current life and helps disconnect you from worry. In fact, the simpler your reading materials are, the easier it is to relax. In other words, it’s probably best not to read anything too intense or political if you’re trying to unwind. Surely you deal with tough subjects every day, so this is the time to ease up and stick with light topics.

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Skip Caffeine

Yes, we love a good cup of Joe, but if the idea is to relax and unwind, it’s best to skip the caffeine jitters. Instead, opt for a soothing lavender or chamomile tea. Mint and peppermint teas are also excellent for relaxation, just make sure it’s decaffeinated.

End With A Hot Bath/Steam/Sauna

Lastly, conclude your relaxation session with a hot bath/shower, steam room, sauna or hot tub. Heat helps relax your muscles and soothes any aches you may have. Steam rooms and saunas can also help detox your body by sweating out toxins. For extra relaxation, try rubbing eucalyptus or lavender oil on your temples and chest for an even more soothing experience.

Which of these simple tips is your favorite? Try them all and tell us what you think!



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