5 Reasons You Should Focus On Fitness Over Weight Loss

Contrary to popular belief, bikini season is not a good enough reason to get yourself to the gym. There are plenty of benefits to getting into a regular workout routine that do not involve jumping on a scale every day. Whether you need to let go of some pent up aggression or you are feeling those winter blues, here are 5 positive ways staying fit can make your life better that have nothing to do with losing weight.


It Can Strengthen Your Friendships

Friends can help motivate each other, and workouts are no exception. If you need that extra push during a particularly hard routine, or even just another excuse to get the girls together, make your girlfriends your must-have fitness accessory. They’ll keep you accountable and feeling comfortable, which can help change your attitude about fitness.

It Could Make You A Morning Person

If the thought of waking up earlier in the morning to go for a run makes you cringe, you might want to listen up. The first few early morning session are the hardest, but once you make fitness part of your morning routine, your body will naturally wake up ready to take on your next run. Waking up in the morning will be natural, and you’ll arrive to work with a post-workout glow instead of tired, puffy eyes!

It Can Get You Outdoors

No one has been enjoying the frigid cold Mother Nature has given us lately, but with spring around the corner, warmer temperatures are on the way. Going on walks outside, testing new hiking trails, or using your backyard as the backdrop for your daily yoga session can help you get some fresh air and reintroduce your body to the outdoors.

It Is A Total Stress Buster


Has the pressure been on at work lately? Do you have some personal life drama that needs sorting out? Taking up a kick boxing class or practicing yoga can take you out of a stressful moment and help clear your mind or get out that aggression. Using your stress as a tool to power you through a workout will help you organize your thoughts and leave you feeling lighter and more relaxed.

It Can Give You Confidence

Yes, waking up and dragging yourself to the gym in the morning can be the hardest part of your day. But nothing beats that feeling of accomplishment after you’ve finished your rise-and-shine spin class. Instead of hitting the snooze button on your alarm until the last possible second, you accomplished something. That feeling of productivity and positivity will fuel you through the rest of your day.



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Brooke Schuldt

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