Quick, Stylish Ways To Liven Up Any Outfit

Everyone has those “I have nothing to wear” moments -even with a closet full of clothes. You know those days where you pull out every single piece of clothing and yet you still feel uninspired? Or sometimes you’re just in a hurry and don’t have time to conjure up your most stylish ensemble. Yes, we feel your pain! Either way, it’s easy to quickly liven up any outfit by adding a few key pieces and a little imagination.

Statement Jewelry


photo credit: Paris Fashion Week

It’s no mystery that a great piece of statement jewelry can make a big difference! Statement necklaces have been trending for several seasons, but don’t forget about bold cocktail rings, earrings, belts and bracelets. Adding statement jewelry can quickly add style and personality to any outfit. Wear one piece or if you want to go bold layer up several pieces.

Color Contrast


photo credit: Elle Canada, Peopleandstyles.com

Instead of playing it safe and sticking to matching hues, mix it up and add a pop of bright color or complementary neutral tones. If you’re wearing all black, add a pair of bright heels or a bright handbag. If you’re wearing neutral tones, mix different shades of grey, brown, and blush for a stylish, yet understated combination. Whatever you do, think outside of the box when it comes to color.

Mix Casual & Dressy


Gone are the days of strictly casual or dressy. Mix a sequin skirt with a denim shirt or sweatshirt, or pair jogging pants with a button-up or embellished top. You can even combine a dress with a cute pair of sneakers! It’s all about mixing and matching pieces for a casual yet chic combination.



photo credit: Milan Fashion Week

Layering always adds a bit of style instantly. Top a dress with a vest, cardigan or sweater. Combine a button down with a sleeveless top or layer it under a sweater. Adding multiple dimensions will always add personality to your ensemble.

Great Shoes


There’s a reason we all love shoes! A great pair of statement shoes can make even the most basic outfit exciting. The key is adding a pair of shoes that are unique and fun. In other words, those classic black Manolo pumps are gorgeous, but in this case try something more eye-catching. Bright colors, embellishments, mixed media, interesting shapes etc. will all bring an otherwise simple outfit alive.




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