5 Newly Released Novels To Read in 2016

Now that the sun is finally starting to shine, we can pick out our favorite warm weather reads and curl up with a good book.  Or, if you’ve officially worn out your most-read novels, you can choose a new book for spring and summer and dive headfirst into that.  Not sure what book to read next? We’ve compiled a list of new releases that deserve your attention this season.  No matter your literary preference – there’s something here for everyone!

The Decent Proposal, Kemper Donovan

Donovan’s debut novel is a romantic-comedy fit for the silver screen.   Two strangers (twenty-something producer Richard and soon-to-be law firm partner Elizabeth) receive an unusual proposition – meet each other for two hours every week for a year in exchange for a million dollars. Both agree, and what follows is a story chock-full of entertaining characters, unforeseen plot twists, and a depiction of modern Los Angeles that will make you think there’s a new city of love.  Available on April 5.

The Queen of the Night, Alexander Chee

Set in the glamour of Second Empire Paris, this historical fiction follows soprano Lilliet Berne as she pursues her dream of an original role in the Paris Opera.  When she finally achieves it, she is alarmed to realize that the piece is based on her hidden past.  As she attempts to determine who among her confidants has betrayed her, readers are taken across the globe and meet historical figures, fortune tellers, and empowering characters along the way. For anyone looking for an escape in time and space, this book is a must-read. Available now.

The Nest, Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

Another debut novel on our list, The Nest follows a dysfunctional family as they wrestle with a trust fund four siblings have waited years to receive and the problems it will (or won’t) fix.  Families that struggle to get along aren’t a new topic in literature, but it’s rare to read about familial breakdowns in the context of how money has as much effect on a relationship as our actions do.  The Nest is both heart-warming and fun to read, making it an emotional roller coaster worth boarding. Available on March 22.

Sweet Lamb of Heaven, Lydia Millet

Cool down with a thriller that spans from Alaska to Maine as a young mother, Anna, escapes her unfaithful husband with their six-year-old daughter.  The longer Anna stays on the run, the more suspicious everyone around her appears.  Millet’s writing creates an enticing mix of psychological horror and mentalist page-turner, making the struggle between Anna and her husband a story that’s near impossible to put down.  Available on May 3.

The Glittering Court, Richelle Mead

Sometimes, you need a light, totally frothy read to cap off your visit to the beach.  If you loved Vampire Academy or other fantasy-set YA series, The Glittering Court by best-selling author Richelle Mead (who, yes, wrote Vampire Academy) is for you.  When Adelaide, a young member of the nobility, escapes from an arranged marriage, she joins the Glittering Court – her pathway to starting a new life in a new land. Adelaide quickly makes new friends and falls for a young noble, but when she discovers the secret her crush is keeping, they hatch a scheme that could free them both or jeopardize them further.  Available on April 5.



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