5 Newly Released Books To Read This Winter

Another cold, windy winter, another great excuse to curl up in your living room with the newest book releases? Before you pick up that old favorite, take a look at the list of books below. There’s bound to be something on here that piques your interest, regardless of your preferred genre. So turn the page (even though you’re reading this online) and discover something new!

The Spring Girls, Anna Todd

If you love the classics but trying to branch out, this book is an excellent compromise. “The Spring Girls” is a self-proclaimed modern-day retelling of “Little Women.” Instead of the setting you’re familiar with, Todd places sisters Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy with their father on a New Orleans military base in the modern day. You’ll be surprised at how Louisa May Alcott’s piece of classic literature translates so well to a current setting, and the romance, drama, and laughter you find along the way will still find ways to surprise you. Available January 2, 2018.


The Wolves Of Winter, Tyrell Johnson

Looking for the next Hunger Games to help you escape into your imagination? “The Wolves Of Winter” will keep your mind wandering (in an excellent way).   Set in a post-apocalyptic, nuclear war-ravaged society, heroine Lynn McBride must learn how to survive in a world that’s survival of the fittest. This novel has been called a cross between “The Walking Dead” and Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road,” so if you’re looking for something to transport you to another world, this is the book. Available January 2, 2018.


This Could Hurt: A Novel, Jillian Medoff

Think that the human resources department in your office is without drama? Think again. “This Could Hurt” follows a group of HR professionals who all aspire to be something different than they are. Medoff has done a great job of bringing these characters to life; as you read the novel, you’ll find that the characters are similar to the people that you see in your office every day. You’ll totally relate to Lucy’s struggle to find empowerment at work, and it’ll inspire you to go after your goals in 2018. Available January 9, 2018.

The Girl on the Velvet Swing, Simon Baatz

If you’re looking for your next crime obsession, check out this true-life tale from the 1900s. What started out as a classic love triangle in NYC’s high society turns into the murder of the century, along with a star-studded trial to go with it.  If you loved “The Devil in the White City” and “The Murder of the Century,” this is a book you’ll love getting to sink your teeth into.

Surprise Me: A Novel, Sophie Kinsella

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this novel will remind you how you can keep things excited with your one true love. After a decade together, Sylvie and Dan are inspired to rejuvenate their efforts to keep their marriage exciting. What starts off as fun and funny leads to each discovering secrets about the other, and wondering if they ever actually knew each other at all. If you’re in a relationship — of even if you’re not — this book will help you realize that “true love” actually looks like, if it exists at all. Available February 13, 2018.




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