5 New Business Books To Add To Your Reading List

Business (and life) is constantly evolving. Classic biz books are awesome, but it’s also great to get a fresh, modern perspective from new authors. If you’re looking for a new read that is chock-full of great professional (and life!) advice, look no further than the list below. From tech philanthropists to women who had their dream job but wanted more, here a few new business books to add to your list.

Leap, Tess Vigeland

While many books give you step-by-step methods to get to your dream job, Tess Vigeland’s book about what happens when you leave the dream job is unique and definitely worth picking up.  Her autobiographical novel follows her departure from a permanent, stable position in public radio and into the freelance workforce.  She discusses the ups and downs of leaving the traditional workforce and inspires the reader to judge success by their happiness instead of their salary.  If you’ve ever considered jumping into a more entrepreneurial lifestyle, this book is for you.

31 Days to Radically Reduce Your Expenses, Kalyn Brooke

The first step for any future ladyboss is knowing how to get one’s finances in order –whether they’re for business reasons or personal ones.  Kalyn Brooke’s book is full of tips and tricks to help you get a handle on your spending and will provide insight as to how you can save money in the future. From a schedule detailing when clothing stores put their items on sale to printable worksheets that jumpstart your financial planning, there are plenty of ways you can live a frugal lifestyle without sacrificing anything that’s important to you.

Clay Water Brick, Jessica Jackley

Not all self-made business leaders come from Silicon Valley, NYC, or other major urban areas.  Jessica Jackley is best known as the co-founder of Kiva – the world’s first online microlending platform for the working poor – and she uses the people Kiva has helped as the foundation of this book. Jessica focuses less on the day-to-day of entrepreneurial life and more on the global impact a person can have if they pursue their passions.  All it takes is a dream and a positive attitude (and an internet connection).

Grit, Angela Duckworth

Grit is a perfect read if you’re experiencing a bout of professional or personal self-doubt.  Angela Duckworth believes (and proves in this book) that it’s not just talent or luck that enables people to succeed – it’s passion.  Drawing from her own past and perceived failures, Angela (who is a MacArthur genius – FYI) takes readers through her personal journey and her later research to explain why passion is the key to true success – and how readers can use it to help themselves.

Superbosses, Sydney Finkelstein

Worried about becoming a boss for the first time and looking for guidance? How about interviews with hundreds of the world’s best bosses – would that help? We sure hope so – and so does Dartmouth College professor Sydney Finkelstein, who conducted years of research to find what truly makes a “superboss.”  From identifying promising newcomers to simultaneously driving competition and collegiality, you’ll learn a lot about yourself as a leader by reading this book.

Are there any books you want to share with us? Let us know in the comments!



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