5 Natural Tips That Will REALLY Help You Sleep Better

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Getting a good night’s rest can be a daunting task for some of us. Whether you’re anxious about a big work assignment, are cramming for an exam, or your little one has decided they don’t need sleep for the night, getting a good night’s rest can seem like a luxury. As much as we all want to be superhumans and go without sleep, it’s actually detrimental to your health. Not getting enough rest can lead to a host of health issues including obesity, weight gain, diabetes, heart attack, depression, heart disease, poor immunity, accelerated aging, chronic pain, low sex drive and even cancer.

If you haven’t started prioritizing sleep, and effectively your health, now is the time to start making a few lifestyle changes and adjusting your schedule accordingly. Here are 5 natural tips to getting a better night’s rest.

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Meditation and Deep Breathing

One of the best ways to instantly relax is to take deep, slow, heavy breaths through the nose and exhale through the mouth. This technique mimics what your body does naturally while you’re asleep. One of the main aspects of falling asleep is slower, deeper breathing. By focusing on and consciously changing your breathing pattern, you help your body relax and go into sleep mode.

Doing guided meditations is also a great way of relaxing before bed time. Simply go to YouTube and type in “guided sleep meditation” and you’ll get many options ranging from 10 minutes to several hours.

A High Quality Mattress


Never underestimate the power of a mattress to make or break your sleep! A high quality mattress can make the difference between resting soundly or tossing and turning all night. If you’re waking up tired or with backaches and a stiff neck, your mattress may be to blame. We did not realize how uncomfortable our mattress was until we got The Dream Bed™.. This is the most comfortable mattress we’ve ever slept on and our sleep quality has definitely improved! The Dream Bed is so good they give you a “180 no nightmare” guarantee, so you either love it or you get your money back.

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Best of all, The Dream Bed gives back. When you purchase The Dream Bed, they give a mattress to a child or person in need. A better night’s rest, a healthier you, and you help give back to a worthy cause -there’s no reason not to get The Dream Bed! They also have a great incentive program: you can get up $300 for referring your friends and family to The Dream Bed. Go to dreambed.com to get yours and start getting a better night’s rest.


White Noise

For those of us who are prone to waking up due to noise, getting a sound machine or turning on a fan can drown out noise and help you sleep deeper and longer. This is a really simple way of sleeping better. Some of us don’t even realize how much we’re awakened during the night due to noise, so putting on a fan or a sound machine can really make a difference.

Cognitive Training

If you suffer from anxious-related sleep problems caused by worry, cognitive training is very helpful. It can help calm your nerves and refocus your mind on affirming thoughts rather than sleep-defeating thoughts. Try the following:

Challenging Self-defeating Thoughts That Fuel Insomnia

Self-defeating thoughtSleep-promoting comeback
Unrealistic expectations: I should be able to sleep well every night like a normal person. I shouldn’t have a problem!Lots of people struggle with sleep from time to time. I will be able to sleep with practice.
Exaggeration: It’s the same every single night, another night of sleepless misery.Not every night is the same. Some nights I do sleep better than others.
Catastrophizing: If I don’t get some sleep, I’ll tank my presentation and jeopardize my job.I can get through the presentation even if I’m tired. I can still rest and relax tonight.
Hopelessness: I’m never going to be able to sleep well. It’s out of my control.Insomnia can be cured. If I stop worrying so much and focus on positive solutions, I can beat it.
Fortune telling: It’s going to take me at least an hour to get to sleep tonight.I just know it.I don’t know what will happen tonight. Maybe I’ll get to sleep quickly if I use the strategies I’ve learned.


Diet and Exercise


Yes, we know you’ve heard it a million times, but diet and exercise affects every part of your well-being. If you’re not sleeping well, you may need to make some fitness and dietary adjustments. Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, eating healthy whole foods, and avoiding alcohol and caffeine after 4pm can really help you sleep better. But we didn’t have to tell you that.


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