Innovative New Fitness Products To Add To Your Life

Staying fit and toned is hard work, but technology can help staying healthy a little bit easier. From activity tracking sports bras to smart scales that do everything for you, here’s our round up of the best new fitness products for 2016 that will keep your health and wellness in check.


activitytrackerThis new fitness tracking app is great for people who love fitness tech but have a limited budget. It is completely free and tracks every step you take without using any of your monthly data. You can customize your daily goals, track your miles and calories burned, and monitor your weekly steps -no tracking watch necessary.


OMbra-smart-bra-wearable-technology-by-OMsignalA sports bra that can track your activity? Count us in! The OMbra has all of the support you need from a sports bra, with the added benefit of tracking 10 of your workouts and streaming them back to an app on your phone before needing to be recharged. Inside the bra is a smart box that can be removed for washing, is undetectable while wearing, and totally water proof. It tracks how hard your work out is, your calories burned, your stamina, and essentially everything else that your fitness watch can track.

Lumo Run


lumoWant to run but can’t quite figure out how to start? The Lumo Run is a wearable device that connects to your phone and is essentially your personalized running coach. Yes, it tracks your activity like a typical wearable tracking device, but it also does so much more than that.  It tracks running-specific metrics like braking and pelvic rotation, gives real-time audio feedback and coaching, and it even gives you personalized drill recommendations and advice during your cool down. You’ll be ready for a marathon in no time.

KUAI Headphones

kuaiThis product isn’t out just yet, and you’re going to want to get on the wait list for these wireless headphones. Yes, you can jam out to your favorite tunes while you work out, but it can also track your activity and give you live voice coaching. Instead of stopping your workout to check your watch, your headphones will tell you your heart rate, speed, distance, and calories burned. You can even download training plans to your headphones, so that you can do an entire fitness circuit without needing a workout video or personal trainer.

Fitbit Aria Smart Scale

Dedicated Fitbit users will love Aria, the smart scale that pairs to your Fitbit. Sure, stepping on the scale is the most dreaded fitness activity of all time, but this smart scale will change your mind. By syncing to your Fitbit tracker, your Aria smart scale can track your weight, BMI, and body fat percentage as well as send that information to your tracker so that you can keep your fitness goals constantly modified. It can also hold information for multiple Fitbit users, so your entire house can use the same scale.



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