5 High Paying, In-Demand Careers To Consider

There’s a lot to consider when you’re deciding on a career path – work-life balance, location, benefits and, of course, money.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make the most money possible, so if you’re okay with compromising on certain aspects of your potential job you might want to consider a future career in the below industries.

Information Technology

Do you love computers?  Studying Information Technology or Computer Science in college would be a good first step in working in the IT field.  IT Manager jobs are expected to grow over 15% in the next decade the median base salary for these roles is $120,000.  Systems Architect positions are also expected to grow significantly faster than other roles, so if you put in the work to become an expert on computers it could definitely pay off.  To work in IT, you have to want to make systems more effective and efficient, so this is a great career path for somebody who likes leaving a place better than they found it.

Analytics and Statistics

If you’re the kind of person who only makes decisions after you have all available information, collecting and organizing data will be right up your alley.  Analysts and statisticians collect data from a variety of sources and use that information to encourage business leaders to make the best decisions.  Analytics work can transition from industry to industry easily, so as long as you’re good with collecting and interpreting data, you could work pretty much anywhere – from a start-up to a Fortune 500 c-suite.

Strategic Management

Big-picture thinkers, we have your dream career path right here!  Strategic management is crucial to any company as it involves an organization’s short and long-term goals.  It’s a strategic manager’s job to figure out how a company gets there by creating business plans, evaluating opportunities, and ensuring profitability.  This career path involves a lot of critical thinking skills, as well as strong communications skills and a curiosity to continuously learn and adapt with the times, but if you love setting plans in motion and seeing them through to the end it’s worth honing your skills for this kind of work.

Entertainment Law

Yes, being a lawyer seems like a more traditional, high-paying career that you already knew about, but inside of just “law” is a whole host of specializations that you can tailor to your interests.  If you are interested in both the law and in art, you can specialize in art and culture law – meaning you could try cases that involve artists, fine art, cultural property, and even negotiate your favorite actors contracts.  Music law, media law, and intellectual property law are also large pieces of the entertainment industry – and with the amount of money people will pay to protect their creative licenses you can rest assured that this field pays well.


Being a pharmacist is a lot more than wearing a white lab coat – it also requires a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.  Getting a Pharm.D can be tough, but once you’ve earned it you’re entitled to a pharmacist’s base median salary of six figures.  Just because the degree focuses on pharmacy, however, doesn’t mean you’re relegated to just one career path.  Individuals with Pharm.D’s can go on to successful careers in designing pharmaceutical drugs, crafting public health initiatives, and more.  There’s a lot that can be done in the pharmacy field and pretty much all of it pays well.



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