5 Fun, Unique Exercise Classes To Try

As many of us already know, regular exercise is important – but if you don’t switch up your routine now and then, being healthy becomes a heck of a lot harder. So if you’re looking for a fun alternative to your usual jog or yoga sesh, look no further! We’ve compiled some of the wacky and unique exercise classes that you need to try.

Anti-Gravity Yoga

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Despite the title, this doesn’t mean doing yoga in space, which we admit is kind of a bummer. Instead, you’re led through a series of yoga and pilates poses while hanging from a specialized hammock.  Don’t worry if you’re afraid of heights, the hammock hangs about three feet from the floor and has plenty of safety mechanisms (like support chains and carabineers). Those who have tried anti-gravity yoga (also called aerial yoga by some) swear by its health benefits – it allegedly boosts creativity and helps circulation throughout the body.

Punk Rope

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Do you find yourself reminiscing about your high school gym class? If yes, Punk Rope might be for you.  As you can tell from the title, jump ropes are involved, but so are basic conditioning exercises and active group games. The creators of Punk Rope swear that you’ll burn at least 600 calories per session and stand by the belief that exercise should be fun. In fact, playing is the core tenant of Punk Rope; classes are held in bowling alleys, art galleries, and even the occasional bar. Learn more at punkrope.com.


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Rebounding is a much more professional term for ‘bouncing on trampolines and rocking out to your favorite music.’ Thanks to various studies (including some by NASA!), rebounding has a lengthy list of health benefits, so rebounding classes have been designed to specifically target building strength, cardio, or boosting your immune system. Some of the moves are surprisingly tricky, so  be careful if you want to try rebounding with a trampoline you already own – learning the basics from a professional can help prevent future injury.


Light Saber Stage Combat Class

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Sure, you could try this at home, but where’s the fun in that? The New York Light Saber Academy offers professional stage combat classes with, you guessed it, light sabers. The founders of the academy have trained with Lucasfilm’s actual Fight Team Choreographer, Nick Gillard, and they now teach this “artform” to various individuals and classes across the globe. It’s a healthy way to explore your geeky interests, and per Yoda – gain strength, you will. Learn more at NYLSA.com.



photo credit: Bruce Adams
photo credit: Bruce Adams

Ever want to bring your puppy to class with you? Now you can – since this class is built for both of you! “Doga” was designed to share your yogi lifestyle with your pup and features poses that incorporate both you and your dog. Though some poses include giving your dog massages or using your him/her  as a weight, we’re not entirely sure how much healthier your dog will feel after a doga session. But you have to admit, it does sound pretty fun!  Learn more at DogaDog.com.



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