5 Fun, Fresh Fitness Classes To Try in 2018

Staying motivated to workout can be a challenge in itself; that’s why you need to keep things fun and fresh to maximize your workouts. When boredom sets in, staying committed to your fitness is statistically less likely.  Luckily, the fitness industry is constantly reinventing itself and adding new trends and classes. Here are a few to try in 2018!

photo courtesy of Speedo Fit

High Intensity Pool Training

This class (pictured above) is especially appealing during hot summer months! High intensity pool training a.k.a WTRX Water Xtreme classes were created by Speedo and combine classic HITT moves with the resistance of water so you can get a full body workout.  Approximately 75 percent of the class is spent in the water doing high intensity drills while the remainder of the class is spent on the deck doing traditional exercises such as lunges, ab workouts, and push-ups. Learn more here.

Obstacle Course Classes

These America Ninja Warrior and Spartan Race inspired classes are a fresh take on high intensity workouts. Challenging, intense, and mind strengthening, Spartan Strong workouts will take your fitness to the next level. They combine endurance, dynamic stretching, cardio drills, and strength training for one kick ass workout. You can learn more here.

Music & Rhythm Classes

Get your air drummer skills ready because Pound is about to make you rock out. This inventive class uses light weight drumsticks called “Ripstix” to get a full body workout. Pound was founded in Los Angeles in 2010 and now more than 13,000 instructors teach Pound around the world. The 45-minute class mixes cardio, yoga strength training, pilates moves, and conditioning to burn anywhere from 400 to 900 calories per class. You can learn more about Pound here.

Social Running

Social running is the new way to get your runs in. The best part about social running is the accountability factor! If you have people relying on you to show up, you’re more likely to make it happen. Social running (or any type of social exercise) uses accountability to keep you motivated. You can find running groups on Facebook and on sites like Meetup.com

Intensive Yoga

Intensive yoga combines cardio, strength training, and yoga moves for an all body workout. If you love yoga, but want to get a more intense workout, look for hybrid yoga classes such as Warrior Sculpt.



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