5 Fitness Trends To Try This Summer

Let’s face it, working out is not always enjoyable. We love watching our abs tighten up and feeling great in our summer clothes, but when it comes to waking up early on a Saturday morning to make a spin class, it can be hard to find the motivation.

That’s why gyms around the world are looking for fun, new ways to get people excited about working out. When strengthening your body becomes more of an experience and less of a chore, you’re more likely to keep pushing yourself towards your fitness goals.

Here are some trending fitness classes that will shake up your routine, push you out of your comfort zone, and get you looking and feeling great.

Aerial Yoga

yoga19If you are looking for a fun way to work your core, these classes are for you. Using a silk rope suspended from the ceiling, aerial yoga focuses on core strength and flexibility training and can be done in the air and on the mat. Beginners will use the silks to stretch out their bodies and loosen up the muscles to prepare for more advanced classes, where they will then climb into the silks and do yoga poses in the air to work the core. No prior acrobatic training is required for these classes, but you should probably start with the beginner classes before you start doing flips and tricks in the silks.

Surf Inspired


photo credit: Surfset NYC
photo credit: Surfset NYC

Classes like WaveShape, and the more intensive equipment-required, Surfset, both use techniques and targeted movement to achieve a similar workout to a surfing session. If you’ve ever surfed before, you know just how hard it is, and how much core strength and balance it requires. Surfing builds long, lean muscles and is perfect if you’re trying to tone up without getting bulky. It’s a killer workout and one you should definitely add to your fitness repertoire this summer.



See you later, Zumba. Barre is still going strong this year and you’ll find many variations of these ballet-inspired classes, including faster paced sessions that include bands and cardio. Traditional Barre combines slow, controlled movements and fundamental dance moves used by ballerinas to work your core and focus on strength and flexibility.  If you want to increase your burn, try Barre Fusion for a more high impact workout. You don’t need any prior dance training to start taking barre classes, and you can get your workouts at home via DVD or find classes at studios and gyms.


meditate2There’s nothing new about meditation; it’s been around since ancient times. However, with the increasingly positive studies that scientifically confirm its amazing health benefits, meditation has come to the forefront of mainstream fitness trends. It’s no longer perceived as some sort of new-age folklore, but is being practiced by yogis and CEOs alike.  Meditation is a mental training and calming exercise, and taking time out of your regular fitness schedule to focus on gathering your thoughts and slowing yourself down is important.

The great thing about this practice is that you don’t even need to join a gym to participate. There are videos and tutorials online, ranging from free to monthly subscriptions, that will help you meditate from the comfort of your own home. If you feel like you’ll relax better in a gym setting, many gyms and studios are bringing meditation-based classes to their schedules, like the Antigravity Cocooning class at Crunch Fitness, where you use aerial yoga silks to stretch out your body and feel calm. 

Specialty Boutique Studios


New boutique fitness studios seem to be popping up every week, and it’s definitely a trend we’re enjoying. The sheer variety of classes keeps your fitness routine fresh and exciting. By opting for a specialized boutique studio instead of a full service gym, you’ll be able to try new classes and stay motivated. Instead of joining your typical corporate gym, more women are turning to smaller studios that specialize in a variety of dance,  barre, yoga, or boot camp classes. Best of all, you can try multiple studios by searching deal sites like Groupon or joining ClassPass, which will allow you to try different types of workouts before committing to one studio.



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