5 Fast + Easy Makeup Tips For Looking Great On-the-Go

There are a few basic staples we always keep in our makeup bags –especially when we’re traveling and on-the-go. Q-tips Precision Tips are one of them. The tapered tip makes fixing makeup mistakes, doing DIY manicures, and applying makeup on-the-go super easy. We couldn’t imagine our beauty routine without them. They’re convenient, disposable, and most importantly hygienic.


precision1Ladies, if you’re still dipping your fingers in your beauty and makeup products -stop the madness! Not only does using your fingers in your cosmetics breed potentially harmful bacteria, but the contamination can make them expire much faster –costing you more money in the long run.

In other words, besides being awesome application tools, Q-tips Precision Tips are a hygiene-must when it comes to cosmetic and makeup application. Especially when you’re traveling/on-the-go and may not have brushes or time to wash your hands. Here are a few time-saving beauty tricks for getting a complete red carpet-ready makeup and mani look when you’re in a crunch.


1. BB/CC Creams Are Your Best Friend


First, start with a BB or CC cream all over your face. If you don’t already use a BB or CC cream, you need to make your way over to your local beauty counter and pick one up, stat. These do-it-all creams act as primers, foundations, moisturizers, brighteners and concealers all in one. If you’re in a rush or just like a low maintenance beauty routine, BB and CC creams are your saving grace. Get over to your local makeup counter and consult with one of the beauty experts about which BB or CC cream is right for you.

2. Quick Blemish Conceal

Next, you’ll want to conceal any blemishes. Pimples can cause our beauty routines to take much longer than expected. Especially when you can’t seem to fully cover them. Two things you should know about concealing pimples are the following. 1. Keep your fingers away from them. Using your fingers to conceal pimples further spreads bacteria on your face. 2. Concealer doesn’t like sticking to pimples, especially when you use your fingers. So, using a tool like a clean makeup brush or Q-tip Precision Tip is necessary for application. It’s hygienic and it helps the concealer stick better.

Next, you’ll want to layer both concealer and powder. By layering the concealer and powder you’ll be able to cover your blemishes much quicker and more effectively –saving you precious time! Using a Q-tip Precision Tip, apply concealer to the pimple. Using the other end of the Precision Tip, apply powder to the pimple. Blend and repeat until the pimple is fully concealed.

3. Fast Eyes

 You’re in a rush. You have 5 minutes to do your makeup and your shaky, rushed hand is not doing you any favors. Now is not the time to attempt a heavy smokey eye. Also, avoid matte eyeshadows. They’re harder to blend and take more time to apply. Opt for shimmery shades, which will go on smoother and help conceal any mistakes you may make while in a hurry. A soft shimmery brown contoured eyeshadow is versatile and complimentary on everyone.




1. Shade the inner and outer corners of your eye with a neutral brown shimmery shade.

 2. Next, apply a lighter shimmer shade to the middle of your eyelid. Then line the inner and outer corner of your eye with a dark brown or black eyeliner. Blend the eyeshadow and eyeliner with a Precision Tip.

 3. Curl your lashes and add two coats of mascara, concentrating on the roots of your lashes to quickly give your eyes the most definition, for a fast on-trend makeup look that is worthy of the red carpet.

 4. Quick Bold Lips

 Adding a bright lipstick will immediately give your face a polished look and is one of the easiest ways to look like you made some effort with very little effort. We completed the below makeup look in about 5 minutes -yes, really!




1. Apply your favorite lipstick. Try a red, coral, or electric pink shade if you’re daring.

2. Use a Q-tip Precision tip to line and shape your lips, and fix any mishaps. If you have a little extra time, apply a translucent powder to your lips, then add another layer of lipstick to give your pout staying power.

3. Finish your look with a dash of your favorite bronzer or blush.

4. Add a light dust of setting powder and you’re all set!


5. Fast Mani

The runways and red carpets are all about neutral, simple nails for 2015.

We’ve all been there. We’re on-the-go, our nails are chipped, we have a meeting or important event and no time to get a manicure. It’s a dilemma we’ve probably all dealt with. First and foremost, step away from the dark nail polish! Attempting a quick home manicure using dark, unforgivable polish colors is a disaster waiting to happen. Also, neutral, muted nails have been dominating trends and runways, so there’s never been a better time to keep it simple.  Instead, remove your existing polish and apply a neutral pink or tan color. Anything light and forgiving is helpful. Use a Q-tip Precision tip to fix any mistakes, apply a clear coat and high tail it outta there.

For more great beauty DIY tips, trends, and makeup ideas, check Q-tip’s Pinterest boards!    



I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



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