5 Fashion-Forward Hair Color Trends To Try

Bored with your hair? We feel you. Sometimes doing the same color over and over again at the salon can become mundane. So what’s a girl to do when she wants something new but doesn’t want to go too extreme? We have just the solution. Check out these fashion-forward hair colors that are the perfect balance between alternative and traditional. Best of all, you can apply these colors over your existing highlights and many formulas wash out, so you don’t have to commit if you don’t like it.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is perfect for highlighting hair or blondes who want to add some fun to their existing color. It also looks great on dark hair and can be done in varying shades and ombres.


Mauve has warm chocolate undertones and is the updated 2018 version of Angela from My So Called Life. It’s excellent for brunettes who want to add some sass to their style without going too dramatic.


Plum is another great color for brunettes who want to add color to their hair without too much bleach or damage. This color is a bit more intense than mauve and is great if you want to go a little more edgy with your look.

Indigo Navy

Indigo navy is perfect for black hair and dark brunettes who want to add a kick to their existing locks. This color is great if you want a deposit only formula that adds dimension with little damage.



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