5 Delicious, Healthy Post-Workout Snacks To Try

After a calorie-burning workout, it’s always important to feed your body essential nutrients and vitamins. Plus, after a tiring session of spin, we’re sure your growling stomach could use the boost!

Now, it may be tempting to reach for those quick fix foods after some serious cardio, but choosing those high calorie, sugary treats can wreak some serious havoc on your body. Causing pesky sugar spikes and more, indulging your sweet tooth, post-workout, can lead to unwanted crash and burn (yikes!) felt throughout your workday.

To avoid those unhealthy post-workout urges, here are a few nutritious snacks that are both tasty AND satisfying!

Grab A Bar

Unlike the nutrition bars of yesteryear, the new wave of products combine delicious flavor and nutrition with ease. When choosing your bar, it’s always best to do so with caution. Instead of grabbing that high protein fix with unpronounceable sweeteners, choose a more natural bar made without any refined sugars.

Right after some Zoomba, we love the Perfect Bar, ($20 for 8 count box) as it blends 16 grams of whole food protein with 20 additional superfoods. As a satisfying, easy snack on-the-go, you’ll never be tempted by those  donuts on the way back to the office.

Pack Some Nuts

High in protein and rich in fiber, packing some nuts in your gym bag can always help you bounce back after a grueling workout. For that mouth-watering crunch, munch on some some nuts for a quick, healthy, filling snack. We like The Gilded Nut Pistachios ($21.99 for 6-pack case) for a savory burst of protein.

Don’t like the taste of nuts alone? Try making your own sweet and salty trail mix by adding in some dried fruit and granola clusters.

Drink Protein

Protein powders don’t have to bulky or chalky, especially with new revamped formulas boasting multiple benefits.

 Arbonne Chocolate Protein Shake Mix Powder for example, delivers 20 grams of plant based protein without unwanted (contains a low glycemic index) sugar spikes throughout your day. Simply add two scoops to water or non-dairy milk, for an instant fulfilling boost after your gym session.

 Go For Granola

Gain some beneficial minerals and nutrients by indulging in low-sugar, all-natural granola. Plus, with added grains, you don’t have to worry about missing out on balanced nutrition after that challenging workout. Combined with plain greek yogurt, granola makes an excellent post workout snack or meal replacement. Add some fresh berries for an even more delicious, nutritious combo.

When selecting your granola, low sugar is always the way to go. Containing 35 percent less sugar than other granolas on the market, the KIND Healthy Grains Clusters, Raspberry with Chia Seeds, combines five super grains with dried fruits and crunchy chia seeds.

Avoid The Allergens

For those suffering from food allergies, you should never have to sacrifice good nutrition after that intense training session. Nowadays, many food brands are offering allergen-free bars that offer satisfying benefits without the negative reaction.

We like Simple Squares for their variety and convenience. Low in sugar and jampacked with vitamins, Simple Squares are naturally organic and gluten free. So, you get all the flavor without the allergens!



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