5 Beauty Experts Share Their Favorite Makeup & Skincare Tips

Everyone has a beauty trick or two which saves them oodles of time, or gets your face uber gorgeous. But, then again, how about those pro (sometimes unexpected) beauty tips every lady is dying to know? (We’re looking at you mayonnaise hair masks!)

 To get those head-scratching, eye-opening tips, we’ve consulted some of our favorite beauty experts to spill on those pointers you never thought existed. From pimple busters to easy beauty hacks any girl can try, check out our favorite need to know advice below.

Greek Yogurt For Pimples

“For that fast-acting spot treatment, I put full fat greek yogurt on pimples! The lactic acid helps unclog the pore, the fat keeps my skin from drying out, the probiotics balance the bacteria, and the coldness reduces inflammation. Apply enough to cover, let dry, rinse and you’re done!” -Alexis Wolfer: Beauty Editor Of The Beauty Bean

Heat Your Eyelash Curler

 “I keep a space heater under my vanity table so I can reach down, turn it on, and heat my eyelash curler for a few seconds before curling my lashes. The lift and curl lasts all day! ALWAYS test the lash curler on the inside of your wrist before holding to lashes to make sure you didn’t make it too hot if you do this, though. When I’m traveling, I use a hairdryer instead.” –Grace Gold, Expert Beauty and Wellness Journalist

 Never Attempt a DIY Bleach Job

“My wildest, wackiest beauty secret is a sad, sad tale. When I was in college (i.e. poorer than dirt), a girl who lived on my floor introduced me to Jolene bleach (a jar was less than $5). But rather than use it for its intended purpose (bleaching strong, hearty facial hair follicles), she gave it to me to lift my delicate dark brown locks to a beach-babe blonde shade. Every other week, I was slathering Jolene bleach on my strands; I couldn’t get enough and at $5, it wasn’t breaking my bank. Well, unsurprisingly, the bleach caused my hair to break in the most inopportune areas—mainly, along my middle part. For the better part of a year, I had to grow my part back, and during the process it looked like I had a mini Mohawk atop shoulder-length hair. So, lesson to the wise: Do not use Jolene bleach for your hair; it’s definitely a wild ride not worth taking.” -Karie Frost, Beauty Director Of Nail It Mag!

Bust Puffy Eyes with Self-Lymphatic Massage

 “You know what’s really weird but works fabulously well? Self-lymphatic massage. I wake up puffy when I’m fighting sickness, and my face always suffers for it. I have a 3 step self-lymphatic massage routine that takes less than 5 minutes that really helps drain excess fluid, clear my sinuses, and get rid of the puff.” -Bryce Gruber, Editor Of The Luxury Spot

Here’s a quick tutorial of lymphatic drainage and how it works on puffy eyes:

Use Blush As Lipstick

 “For days when I’m running around (or don’t want to carry lipstick with me for touch ups) I use powder blush as a matte lipstick! Go for an iridescent pink shade, NARS Orgasm is great for this, but it can be done with any shade you have. Swipe the blush with your finger and apply it directly to lips. I apply a few layers and push the powder onto lips. Don’t top with anything for color that’ll last all day. It’s the best long-wear formula on the market — and you already own it!” –Anna De Souza, On-Air TV Beauty and Lifestyle Reporter



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