5 Awesome Emerging YouTubers To Follow Now

It’s no secret that YouTube is just as popular as television, and it is that way because of the talented creators that provide the platform with a plethora of entertaining content. You’re probably already familiar with some of the bigger names on YouTube – like Lilly Singh, Michelle Phan, and Lindsey Sterling – but with new creators joining every day, there’s always somebody new to discover.  Here are a few YouTube creators you should check out the next time you’re looking for some enticing video content.

Kyla Laird

Kyla Laird’s channel is a one-stop shop for DIY beauty and style tips, so you’ll want to subscribe to her channel if you’re looking to look good on a budget. Though she’s been a part of YouTube since 2010, Kyla has only posted videos since 2016 – meaning that you can watch her videos in an afternoon to cram in some beauty knowledge. From “Box Braids 101” to personal vlogs to a how-to on removing acrylic nails safely and quickly, Kyla’s self-named channel will make your beauty routine faster and cheaper.


Looking for new music to listen to at work? Look no further than BriansThing, a music channel that posts new videos every week.  In his videos, Brian plays saxophone covers of popular songs like “Uptown Funk” and “Let It Be.” His covers are perfect background music for when you go about your day, but his channel is full of other music content for his more musician-minded audience. Brian also posts reviews of music products and saxophone playing tips on a regular basis.

How To Cake It

Warning: don’t watch this YouTube channel on an empty stomach. “How to Cake It” showcases Yolanda Gampp’s amazing cake-making abilities. She can make a cake styled after your favorite movie characters – like she did with Frozen‘s Olaf and Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ BB-8 – or can make your cake look like a different dish altogether. Sure, you might think you’re getting a stack of pancakes, but once you slice into it and find some vanilla buttercream, you’ll never look at pancakes the same way again.

Anna Akana

Anna has the largest following of all the YouTubers on this list, but we’re including her for good measure because she’s really funny and her content is often thought provoking. If you’re not subscribed to her channel yet, do so ASAP. You’ll recognize her from a short cameo in Marvel’s Ant-Man as well as from her various short films – all of which are posted on her YouTube channel for you to view.

Amy Schmittauer

The next time you need some YouTube inspo to help you bring out your inner girl boss, head to the Savvy Sexy Social channel. Amy Schmittauer’s book Vlog Like a Boss is chock full of tips on how to best promote yourself, how to be creative, and how to use YouTube skills to boost your own career. Just because you don’t want to be a vlogger doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from it, and thankfully – we have Amy to prove why that’s true!



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