5 Apps For Goal Setting & Creating Better Habits

We could all use a little help in setting goals and developing better habits. Want to improve your day to day time management, start a business or just do a better job at work? There’s an app for that! Thanks to technology setting goals and creating better habits is just one smartphone away. Here are our favorite apps for reaching those #lifegoals.


Coach.me is like having a life coach in your pocket. This app lets you create a goal, track your progress, and you can even earn rewards for sticking to your goals. Have a question or want some advice? You can chat and connect with an ambitious community within the app. It not only helps you track and achieve goals via the app’s “habit tracker,” it also includes a database of actual life coaches starting at just $15 per week. If you want to take it one step further you can get their full leadership program for $249 per month.


Atracker focuses specifically on time management. It helps you track exactly how much time you spend on daily tasks such as getting ready, reading emails, social media etc. It’s a great way to really see how you’re spending your time -and adjust accordingly. If you’re someone who is prone to procrastinating or spending too much time on social media, this is a great app to create new habits.


Balanced focuses on the little things in life. While some of the other apps on this list are good for achieving your bigger goals, Balanced helps you maintain your well-being and happiness while trying to achieve those lofty goals. It focuses on changing habits and provides gentle reminders to do so. It’s the “zen” app of goal setting.


Strides is one of the most popular and well-known apps for goal setting. Strides helps you set a goal and then track it daily, weekly, monthly or even on a rolling basis. It then syncs up the data so you can access it from any of your devices.

Way of Life

This is the goal setting app for people who love concrete data, graphs, and charts to help you see your progress. This app focuses on “good” and “bad” habits according to your preferences. So it not only helps you set goals and create new good habits, it helps you avoid the bad ones as well.



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