4 Red Flags That You’re Dealing with a Covert Narcissist

When we think of narcissists, we imagine someone who takes excessive selfies, is high maintenance and never thinks of anyone else. While those may be stereotypical signs of a narcissist, there are a few other undercover traits that covert narcissists have -even if they put on a perfect, nice front to the world. Here’s how to recognize if you’re dealing with a true narcissist a.k.a a closet jerk.

They Never Apologize

Regardless of the situation, they will almost never apologize. If they do, they will skirt around the issue with a non-apology such, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” If someone places the fault on you when they apologize, they are not actually apologizing. This is a classic narcissist non-apology.

They Never Admit Fault

They will almost never admit fault when something goes wrong. In their own eyes, they’re “right” and you’re “wrong” to feel the way that you do. They refuse or actually do not know how to take responsibility for their part in creating an issue.

They Never Admit Their Flaws

In their eyes, they are perfect or close to it. They were probably coddled and overly-praised as children, so they think they can do no wrong. They refuse to recognize they are flawed humans like the rest of us and they are probably impossible-to-please perfectionists.

They’re Judgmental Perfectionists

They usually spend more time criticizing other people than focusing on improving their own shortcomings. Their self-awareness is almost zero when it comes to transcendence. They don’t improve their shortcomings because they refuse to see that they have them to begin with. Also, nothing is ever good enough for them. They  tend to be glass half-empty pessimists who are focused on the negative rather than positive.

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