How To Adjust Your Skincare Routine For Summer

As the cold and dry air of winter finally bows out, it’s time part with the thick moisturizing creams of the former season, and think of a different routine for spring.

Once the temperatures rise, and sun comes out to play, it’s important to help your skin adjust to the changing elements. However, you don’t need to buy a whole new slew of products to keep up. By making a few simple adjustments, you can expect your skin to radiate all summer long.

Pump Up the SPF

Ask any beauty enthusiast and they will tell you; adequate sun protection is crucial to any skincare regimen. Forgetting your sunscreen application, can increase your melanoma risk, even if it’s just one burn! According to the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. And although these rising numbers sure are alarming, they don’t seem to be decreasing anytime soon.

 To make sure you are properly protected, make sure you wear at least SPF30 on your face and your body throughout the day. Purchasing facial makeup creams (BB Creams have SPF!) and SPF formulated body lotions can help you stay shielded from the sun’s harmful rays, if actual sunscreen application isn’t possible.

Exfoliate More

During the winter months, because we’re so covered up, it’s common to neglect our skin. You may have been onto this healthy skin care practice throughout the winter season, but if not, use the coming spring season as an excuse to buff away dead skin cells. Exfoliation is crucial to stimulate healthy skin functions, as it removes sluggish cells, and allows for your skin to stay supple and smooth.  It also helps self tanners go on much more evenly and smooth. Best of all, you can easily make your own DIY exfoliating scrubs with a couple ingredients from your kitchen (I love mixing together coconut oil and raw brown sugar!) to help get rid of that scaly, winter skin.

Rev Up The Acne Prevention

Once the temperatures rise, we  naturally sweat more. Unfortunately, with the unwanted perspiration comes potential breakouts and acne-causing bacteria.

It’s important once spring arrives to upgrade your  regimen if you have oily skin or are acne-prone. That means investing in a daily acne-busting face wash, and some handy pimple fighting tools to keep your skin clear and breakout free. It’s also smart to wash your pillowcase frequently and avoid touching your face -though these are things you should definitely do year around to prevent blemishes!

Check Your Oil

Tired of unwanted oiliness ruining your makeup looks? This spring and summer,  mattifying must-haves can really do the trick. Blotting wipes and mattifying primers can help keep facial oil under control, while keeping your makeup intact all day long. If you prefer natural alternatives, baby powder surely does the trick. Simply dust the powder wherever needed to keep the oiliness at bay. Trust us, it even functions beautifully as a natural eye primer!

If you need some more oil-busting recommendations, check out our article on the best products for matiffying and oily skin.



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