3D Fashion: You Can Now Create, Customize, and Print Your Own Clothing

Turn Your Room Into a Design Studio: Personal 3D printers are now affordable! XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer, $499

When personal 3D printing first hit the mainstream in 2010, prints were mostly limited to random foam and plastic shapes. Now 3D printing technology is so advanced that you can create, customize, and print your own clothing! Companies like Australian-based, XYZ Workshop, are revolutionizing fashion by creating downloadable designs, so anyone with a 3D printing can customize and print their own clothing with a few clicks of a mouse.

“3D printed pieces are restricted to the materials that a machine can print with, and with this in mind, designers are often visually restricted in terms of what can be made,” said Faith Robinson, content curator for global 3D technology showcase 3D Printshow. “With the recent introduction of multi-material, multi-color printing (at a more accessible price point), trends within 3D-printed fashion are moving away from the rigid, white 3D-printed nylon structures and towards pieces that look more ‘real.’

Accompanied by 3D scanning technology, 3D printing can allow for the most incredible levels of personalization in fashion,” Robinson said. “It’s a new understanding of accessible haute couture.”

Printing clothing is just the tip of the iceberg. 3D printing can now be used to print just about anything; including human bone replacements, castles, and guitars. Best of all, personal 3D printers, once costing upwards to $20,000, can be purchased for $500-1000. Not bad – considering you can turn your bedroom into your own fashion design studio!

The process of creating a 3D print dress. photo: XYZWorkshop.com
The process of creating a 3D print dress. photo: XYZWorkshop.com

Source: Business Insider



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