3 Ways Choosing a Positive Mindset Improves Your Life

We all have those days where everything that can go wrong, goes wrong. For some of us, those days may even stretch to weeks or months. Being surrounded by so much negativity can make it hard to stay positive and optimistic.

Before you start convincing yourself that the world is against you and you are in for some cloudy days ahead, listen up. Sure, trying to be positive in the face of sadness or frustration can be tough, but there are so many great benefits to adopting a glass half full mindset. When it comes to true happiness, a positive attitude is everything. There are a lot of successful people, but much fewer genuinely happy people. Here’s the thing, despite what you may have heard, happiness is a conscious decision. You are in control of the thoughts and reactions in your life, its only a matter of you taking action to improve your mindset. Here are 3 ways consciously changing your thoughts can change your life for the better.

Positivity Attracts More Positivity

Have you ever noticed that when something bad happens, all of a sudden you are bombarded with negative things? Sending out those gloomy vibes about one situation can also make other non-related situations seem just as glum. Change up your attitude, and you will be amazed how many more great things start happening to you. We aren’t saying that being positive could win you the lottery (though it could!), but being more resilient against negativity and looking on the bright side will make every corner of your life seem brighter -regardless of your circumstances.

Many of us develop negative thinking patterns that can be hard to undo, but you can start with being conscious of your thoughts and “vibes.” Putting on a happy face and choosing a positive mood attracts more happy people around you, which will pump you up and make you feel happier as a result. Or, if you are alone, taking a minute to smile to yourself and think about all of the great things happening to you at this moment that are more important than whatever is bothering you will help create some more positive energy. Gratitude and focusing on everything you do have is essential to happiness and attracting more abundance in your life.

Happiness Radiates Beauty From The Inside, Out

No matter how much you spend on your beauty products, a smile is the most gorgeous thing you can put on your face. Your eyes light up, your cheeks plump up, and you face just radiates a “woke up right side of the bed” glow. Test it out for yourself in front of a mirror. Throw on your best bitchy resting face and see how sallow and unflattering it is on your face. Then throw on a big, as close to genuine as possible smile. You will be amazed at the difference. And, of course it’s not just about physical appearance. It’s no mystery that happy people live longer, are healthier, and age slower.

You Attract The Right People in Your Life

Misery loves company and being surrounded by a bunch of frowning faces isn’t any fun. Positive people want to be around other positive people, and life is way more enjoyable when you are laughing, joking, and smiling with your squad. When you choose a more optimistic mindset, you’ll be amazed at all the incredible people you draw into your life. If your inner circle doesn’t feel good to be around, you may want to consider pulling some weeds out of your friend garden. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and lift you higher and remove toxic people and “frenemies” from your life for good.



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Brooke Schuldt

Brooke Schuldt is a freelance writer interested in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and feminism topics. Her work has been featured on various print and online outlets, including Parents Magazine, fitness.com, Ed2010, and Deux Hommes. When Brooke is not focusing on her magazine career goals, she can be found knitting, teaching herself French, or updating her personal blog. Her bucket list includes traveling around the world, a shopping spree at Kate Spade, and writing a New York Times Bestseller.

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