Break Out of Your Winter Blackhole with These Colorful Inspiring Looks

We’re barely into winter and we’re already surrounded by the Black Brigade. New York City looks like a vampire’s dungeon -as do many other cities. It doesn’t help that the sun ceases to exist and it gets dark by 5pm.

Now, we’re as equally guilty of getting lazy and wearing all black as the next person, so we’re hoping to inspire not only our readers but ourselves to get a little more fun and creative during the winter months. Of course when it’s 20 degrees outside and we can’t feel our extremities feeling excited and creative about anything can be a chore. That’s when photographic inspiration comes in to save the day -err- gloomy winter.

We promise these looks will get you excited about creative, colorful winter fashion -even if the weather doesn’t agree.


(click to enlarge images and open slideshow)

Here are a few fun pieces to try:

Kate Spade ‘Beau’ Shopper

Kate Spade “Allison” Coat

Marc Jacobs ‘Etta’ Pants

Kate Spade ‘Adie’ shoe



IMG B7D682AB2914 1

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