10 Genius DIY Organization Hacks For Your Home

Staying organized -especially if you live in a small space- can be quite challenging. Even if you have plenty of closet space, organization is something you have to stay on top of. We’ve all been guilty of clothing pile-ups, unpacked suitcases, and drawers that look like a makeup apocalypse. Besides looking nice, organization makes you feel better. Studies show that an cluttered, disorganized environment leads to a cluttered, disorganized mind, so keeping your living space tidy is important for your overall well-being. Here are 10 DIY organization hacks that will help you tidy up those cluttered spaces!

Pant Hangers For Boots


Tall boots can definitely be annoying to store. They tend to flop over and make a mess, but there’s a simple solution to this dilemma. No need to go out and buy an unnecessary specialty boot hanger, just use a pant hanger. However, make sure it’s a pant hanger with a smooth silicone/plastic covering to avoid leaving marks on your boots.

Utilize Paper Rolls


Use leftover rolls from paper towels, and wrapping paper to organize all sorts of things from makeup brushes to writing utensils to Qtips and cotton balls. Snip the roll into the desired size and place in a box. You now have an easy, inexpensive way to organize small items!

The Jewelry Frame


The jewelry frame is one of our favorite DIY organization hacks! All you need is a frame and some nails and you have an instantly chic way to organize your jewelry.

Magnetic Makeup Board


This tip certainly takes a bit more effort, but how cool is it!? What an awesome way to organize your makeup once and for all! Here are  DIY instructions to making your own magnetic makeup board.

Cupcake Tray Organizer


Who would have thought to use a cupcake tray for organization? It’s a perfect, easy way to organize your desk items like paperclips, thumb tacks, batteries, staples, rubberbands and more!

Ice Trays


Ice trays are great for organizing small jewelry items like rings and earrings. They’re inexpensive, easily stackable and will keep all those little bits and pieces together.

Get Creative With Over-the-Door Hangers


Those plastic over the door hangers that we often use for shoes can be utilized for just about anything. Think outside the box and use them for organizing household cleaners, pantry and food items, makeup, jewelry, and just about anything else that will fit!

Use a Chain


Create vertical space by using a chain. You can use this hack for hanging virtually anything with a hook.

Tension Rods


Tension rods aren’t just for shower curtains! They also make a quick DIY way to organize shoes and just about anything that needs hanging. Best of all, they’re inexpensive and install within seconds.

Utilize Bathroom Cabinet Doors


We often don’t think to utilize door space -especially on smaller cabinet doors. By adding hooks or PVC piping inside  your bathroom cabinets, you can make extra room to store hair tools, brushes and more!


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