10 Cool Facts About Fashion Week

Fashion Week is a much anticipated week-long series of runway shows that start in NYC and take place across the world thereafter. For those in the “industry,” Fashion Week can induce thoughts of love and despise. For anyone (us) who has ever covered Fashion Week in any capacity, you know it’s not all glamour and roses! It takes a serious amount of hard work, very long hours, and likely a lot of blistered feet. (We always save our crazy shoes for Fashion Week.) Despite being a bit stressful, it is also a lot of fun! Here are 10 cool facts you probably didn’t know about Fashion Week.

It Started in New York City

Despite what many believe, Fashion Week did not start in Paris. It was formed in NYC in 1993 by the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Thereafter London, Milan, and Paris were added.

There Are Over 40 Fashion Weeks Across The Globe

The primary fashion weeks are in NYC, London, Milan, and Paris, but there are reportedly 40 fashion weeks that occur throughout the world. Other major U.S. cities that have jumped on the fashion week train include LA, Boston, Miami, Chicago, Charleston, amongst others.

Shows Last About 10 Minutes

Runway shoes typically last about 10 minutes. Some last up to 20 minutes, but rarely longer. Yes, that’s months of preparation, hours of casting, hair, and makeup for 10 minutes!

Most Models Don’t Get Paid That Much

Most non-celebrity models at NY Fashion Week only make a few hundred dollars (if that) per show. Many beginner models will even do a runway show for exposure or trade for clothes. This is especially common in NY and secondary markets such as LA and Miami. The big bucks are typically reserved for the top models and couture shows in London, Milan, and Paris. Additionally, female models often make twice as much as male models.

Not All Shows Are Runways

Many shows, also referred to as “presentations,” only feature models standing around on pedestals. There is no runway, just people standing around chatting and taking pictures.

 Couture Designers Do Not Show in NYC

Most major couture designers such as Chanel, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc. do not participate in NY Fashion Week. They only show in Milan, London, and Paris. NYC consists mostly of more affordable ready-to-wear brands such as Tibi, BCBG, Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff etc.

It’s Clothing Only

Primarily only clothing designers -not shoe or accessory designers- show during the four major fashion weeks. Some shoe and accessory designers show in secondary markets, but for the most part, Fashion Week is clothing only.

It Happens All Over The City

While many of the shows are at Lincoln Center also known as “Mercedes Benz Fashion Week,” shows for Fashion Week are spread out all over the city and include an indie designer series of shows called “Nolcha Fashion Week.”

You Can’t Buy Tickets

Fashion Week is not a ticketed event, so you can’t actually buy tickets for it. The way to get into shows is to be in the industry as an editor, blogger, designer, makeup artist, stylist etc.

The Parties Are The Best Part

As you can imagine, yes, the parties are that awesome! This is one fact we’re sure you already know. Most people will tell you the shows are stressful, but the after parties rock.



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