11 Apps That Make City Living Easier

If you live in a city and you need something, there’s definitely an app for it. No matter what city you’re in or what resource you could possibly need, technology has given you a place to turn – and we love it!  Who doesn’t need a helping hand to get them through the day?

We’ve made a list of must-download apps for city living, so no matter what you need – you’re bound to find it – and some other fun along the way.


cultureNOW has partnered with more than 70 cities throughout America providing event listings, tours, podcasts, video content, and more for city dwellers and tourists alike. Every day they highlight different aspects of each city such as new art events and up and coming attractions. So downloand the app and stay to date on the coolest happens in your city!

Sit or Squat

Now you no longer need to buy an extra bottle of water to gain access to a clean bathroom!  This app lets users upload the locations of public bathrooms and rank them as “sit” (clean) or “squat” (dirty).  If you rank a public restroom as squat, you can also provide suggestions as to how to make the space better.   Available on the App Store and also on Android phones, “Sit or Squat” is made and regularly updated by Charmin, so you know your “private time” is in safe hands.


Ever wonder where all the good deals are? Scoutmob is a free app that lets you opt-in to deals nearby. Unlike other discount sites, no vouchers or coupons are required and you can use it right away. You simply whip out your app, search near by, opt in to the deal, and walk in and redeem it!

ATM Hunter

Yes, this app is exactly what it sounds like. Even though the app is powered by MasterCard, anybody can download and use the app – no matter what kind of card they have.  ATM Hunter allows you to search for ATMs by bank, ability to deposit checks, and other factors that could end up saving you money in the long run.  The app works with your phone’s GPS automatically, but you can also search for ATMs manually by typing in an address (like a major airport) to make it as easy as possible.


We know we already have a restaurant-related app on this list, but what if you want to eat a specific dish – not just at a specific restaurant? If you’re dying to know where the best ramen is in Manhattan is, download Foodspotting. Users upload photos of what they’re eating and rank it, making Foodspotting an easy-to-join community for finding the best foods to eat in your city.  Users can also share Instagram-worthy pics of food products unique to where you are, so visitors to the area know what they should make an effort to buy and try.


Shelling out hundreds of dollars for event tickets doesn’t sound like a good time to anyone, so why not use an app that allows you to find – and attend – awesome events for free? Eventbrite’s intuitive app (and website, if you’re stuck at your desk) allows you to search for events by city and price (which, most of the time, is free). Looking to do something on a specific date? You can search for events by date too, and they categories vary from food to music to seasonal and more.  You can also reserve a spot for an event by RSVPing through the app, so there’s no need to worry about whether you’re getting in or not!


This app is so much more than a social media platform. Even if you don’t care about useless badges or check-ins, Foursquare is one of the best ways to find and get reviews on pretty much anything around you. Especially if you’re in a new city or roaming around a neighborhood you’re clueless about. Simply pull up the app, type in what you’re looking for and you’ll get a list of top rated locations near you.


Staying on top of your workout regimen can be tough when you’re busy and live in a thriving city. Between work, socializing, family and other commitments, staying fit takes commitment and persistence. However, doing the same workout can get boring and many of us are just plain adverse to running on the treadmill at the gym like a hamster. This is where ClassPass comes in. Not only do you get an incredible variety of fitness classes, but it’s only $79.99 a month. Plus, the app is super user friendly and allows you to update your contact/billing info and book, cancel, and keep track of your class schedule. Staying fit and actually enjoying your workouts has never been easier!


Let’s face it -city driving is a nightmare. However, Waze makes navigating anywhere easy. It’s a user generated app that not only navigates you to your location, but lets you know if there’s a delay, road closure, accident or other issue. It also lets you know if a cop has been spotted nearby, so you can avoid those costly speeding tickets.


Want to hit up a swanky restaurant but avoid waiting an hour to sit? OpenTable has you covered. Big name restaurants in multiple major cities allow you to easily make restaurant reservations (both day of and in advance) with just a few swipes. The perk? You get points for each reservation you make with OpenTable, and these points lead to discounts on your favorite meals.  OpenTable also collaborates with various charities like No Kid Hungry so when you eat out with the app, it’s for a good cause.


We have a love/hate relationship with Seamless. On one hand it can deliver us delicious food right to our door step. On the other hand it’s not nice to our bank accounts and it can induce a full-blown hermit Netflix binge. But one thing is certain: Seamless makes city life easier. And for that reason, we’ve added it to this list.



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